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celebrating five

Each year my goal is to celebrate Myla and have a photo session capturing her and the things she loves. I am thankful to have these photos to look back on and see how she has grown and changed. She is now five. Yes, FIVE! My heart is full of joy and love for this little girl who is growing up, asks a million of questions, and is becoming the biggest helper. I love spending my days with her. I love listening to her play her music and sing or create songs spontaneously. She takes pictures of her self with my phone and creates videos of herself talking. She is independent and yet loves to snuggle and read books together. She loves to give hugs to everyone. Each baby doll of hers has a name and her love for them is evident in how she cares, feeds, and changes them. Each one important to her. Myla loves to create, draw, read books, and most of all pretend. She of course is the director and defines our roles. And sometimes even our lines, well most of the time. Myla loves to dress up in her wedding gown made by her Gigi and pretend to be a bride! She is truly a friend and such a gift that I treasure. And we ended the session with our family picture which makes nine of twelve!

This is where I will also speak being a parent and photographer. I know that it takes time to plan and put a date on a calendar however I would encourage investing in family portraits. Your family and children change and grow so fast in the early years. You are around them everyday and the changes seem small, but looking back through the yearly photographs of Myla reminds me that she is growing and changing. Photographs are one way to remember and reminiscence all the things you love about your children and family. You can see her three year old session here and four year old session here. ENJOY!!!




For this session, Myla had the ideas for poses and what she wanted me to photograph.

When her veiled stayed on and when she wanted it off.five_902five_903my girl_929

One day this daddy will give his little girl away and I can only pray it would be a man like him.five_904five_905five_906

And she still loves to run bare feet.five_907five_908five_909Her growing love for capturing moments makes me happy. She has a great eye and is becoming quite the photographer.five_910five_911five_912five_913

She is definitely a little mommy!five_919five_916Over the last four years I would read this book to Myla. I would forget what the wonderful secret Mama Bear had.

I would finish the book with tears in my eyes as we were waiting for our wonderful secret.

I still end now with tears in my eyes knowing that after all the waiting there is a wonderful secret growing.five_917five_914five_918


I love the one with all of her baby dolls! So precious.

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