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celebrating three

My little girl is now THREE! I know this sounds cliché, but I truly cannot believe how fast she is growing up.  I want to capture everything she loves right now to remember this time in her life– teddy bears, tea parties, strawberries, baby dolls, and running everywhere barefoot. This shoot required a little set up…thank you to my amazing husband for loading everything up and driving to the location with me to shoot in the summer evening sun!

Ever since Christmas when she received the tea set, she has been having tea parties. She loves to serve each of her friends a slice of chocolate birthday cake. If you had been here, she would even have sung happy birthday to you.  Myla acts as a little mother to her baby dolls and is so sweet and caring. She always has one on her hip. For this birthday she asked for a baby doll that cries. She named her Caroline, and she is the one in the high chair for this shoot. The high chair was originally mine, made by Myla’s great grandfather, Pa, and I love watching her play with toys that I played with when I was her age. She also knows the alphabet, but most of all loves to knock over all the blocks the second she places the letter “z” on top. She is most happy when she is barefoot and running around. Hair down. ‘No hair ties please,’ she says.  So this is what I hoped to capture. At the end of the day, she is a happy three year old girl running around in the last bit of evening sun.


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Jamie Bernier

Jamie, I am now stalking your blog! I love, love this posting. Myla is beautiful and these pictures are fabulous :o)


Jamie- I loved looking at these pictures! What a dear girl you have (which only stands to reason with such an amazing mother)!
Happy -belated- Birthday Myla!

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