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celebrating four

Four. It sounds so big to me. I can not believe how quickly time has passed since I first held Myla in my arms. She was little, 6lbs 9 oz and I would only dream of the day when she would talk with me and whisper me secrets in my ears. And now she is four and it seems like she is growing too fast for my heart to keep up with. She is a gift to us from the Lord and my heart at time does not feel like it can contain all my love for her. I try to capture what I love and enjoy about her in photos. As a mom and photographer I so badly want to make sure I get every little detail that makes her four. Every parent knows that can not keep them from growing. It is a mix of emotions, trying to savor them being small and celebrating who they are becoming. Photographs is one way I know that I can make moments in time be still. Forever.

We packed up the car again and head to the same field we have shot for the last two years. you can see last years shoot here. I want you all to know that I have an amazing husband that goes along with my crazy ideas…like packing up a mattress, sheets, pillows, books and moving eight palates to an open field. For this shoot I wanted to capture things she loves…jumping on her bed (not allowed at home, only permitted at hotels), her baby doll Anna, reading books, and of course a big pink balloon for sheer delight. I thanked her often during this shoot for allowing me to take her picture. I loved chasing after her as the pink balloon floated along behind her. I loved telling her to jump higher on her bed and I loved capturing her sweet quiet smile as she held her baby doll in her arms.  Myla is the sweetest and most compassionate four year old I know. She loves and cares about others. And at the same time four comes more independence and many opinions. It was as the day she turned four the words out of her mouth have been, “I can do it!” I love watching her try new things and listening to her ideas.  This time for her photo shoot she had ideas of where I should stand and how she should pose. She is becoming quite the little photographer herself. Myla is my favorite person to capture and being her mother it gives me such joy to celebrate her. ENJOY!!!

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four and fabulous…. where do you come up with these photo shoot ideas??? bless Lyndon for getting all your props there to make this happen. funny it reminds others of the Princess and the Pea, as that is what you were, Jamie!!! Love these photos…very precious… love Myla’s different looks. and that balloon is ridiculously wonderful!!
Hugs around the neck, Myla! ! ! ! ! !

Love it! Reminds me of the Princess and the Pea! Happy 4th birthday Myla!

Shahido Kempter

so beautiful!!!!!! she moves like you jamie …. amazing. love… shahido

Myla is such a beautiful girl, Jamie!! I love these pics.

what beautiful pictures! your daughter is so dear.

these are darling. love the bed on palettes.

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