Instragrams: August

August. The last month of summer. This was a month off for me and it was a time to be refreshed. The month started with a trek to upstate New York for a week at the lake with Lyndon’s family. It was a week filled no schedule, enjoying the water, fishing, and family being together. After the lake we headed up to Canada for a project that Lyndon is working on currently. Myla and I explored the town and made our way to the edge of Lake Ontario. On our way out we stopped at Niagara Falls on the Canada side. I have never been even after all these year of being married to someone who is from upstate New York. We came home and celebrated Myla turning five. I love the little girl who she is and becoming. August for me has been nesting. Nesting has me making list, ordering diapers when on sale, and organizing anything I can think of! We also attended the Lititz air show and got to see a B-17 Bomber. This air plane is the one that my grandfather flew in WWII. The plane huge and what a responsibility he had as the pilot.  The picture from the first day of Pre-K makes me laugh. It’s only appropriate to see the teacher’s feet in background as she had to let us in as I was late the first day for drop off! And I will never say this our last remodeling project. This summer a new roof has been put on and the front porch torn off this month and a new one was built. The joys of owning an old home never seem to end! Weaver’s storytime in the orchard came to end last week with apple picking as the theme. We new there was a chance of rain and Myla was still up for the adventure. It poured! We did get wet and made a fun memory together. ENJOY!!!

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Lyndon Heath Cabinetry: Kids Space

As school has started and homework begins I thought it would be perfect timing to share this custom kids space. This room is built with custom cabinetry and custom desks from Lyndon Heath Cabinetry  with the purpose of creating a space for the children to complete homework and projects, be organized, display their artwork, as well as hang out together. I love how you can enter this space two ways. Either from the mudroom up the back stairs  (home from school, head right upstairs and start on that homework!) or from the main hallway. Off the to sides of this common area are the children’s bedrooms. It is a perfect set up that is well thought through and organized. On this project Lyndon Heath Cabinetry worked with architect Patrick Jarosinski who designed this space. The goal of this room was accomplished and is both practical and filled with custom details. Enjoy!!!

Lyndon Sentz

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry


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Patrick Jarosinski

Patrick Jarosinski and Associates

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Kelly Dodd Interiors: Hunt Valley and Towson Residence

Meet Kelly Dodd Interiors. Kelly is an experienced and knowledgeable interior designer who has been designing for over a decade in the Maryland area. This was my first opportunity working with Kelly to photograph her interiors. We started at a Hunt Valley residence photographing a beautiful white kitchen with rich blue accents. One thing that I love about working with designers is watching them stage and creatively place objects, colors, and textures in the perfect place. The designers are skilled and know the right amount of details for each room. Kelly was no different as the kitchen was layered with textures from the drapery, chairs, and tile back splash and blue is accented throughout the kitchen.

When I photograph a space I closely work along the designer. I listen to hear what he or she loves about the space and areas that he or she wants to highlight. Each space usually takes about one to two hours to photograph. Yes, sometime two hours as I move from one angle to another ensuring each detail is photograph and tells a part of the design story. Enjoy this blue and white kitchen by Kelly Dodd!

After photographing the kitchen we traveled to the Towson Residence to photograph a lovely outdoor living space.

When Kelly started working with the homeowners on this project the only thing that existed were their dreams and ideas.

Kelly designed and created the homeowners dreams of a pool and an outdoor living space and made it a reality for them.

The property was beautiful and I understood why the couple loves their new outdoor living space designed by Kelly. ENJOY!

Kelly Dodd Interiors


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Summer ending, blueberry scones, and tardiness the first day of school!

First, summer has ended. School started today and it is too soon for me! I remember only starting school after Labor Day, never before. I was very tempted to boycott school today but decided that would not be a great example. Myla is going to Pre-K this fall. Making decisions as parents is difficult and I am so thankful for older and wiser friends and parents who help you navigate this parenting thing. We had many conversations of whether or not to send her to kindergarten. I was originally set on sending her to kindergarten. In the end everyone has said you will not regret sending her to Pre-K again. Plus I get another year with her in the home. And I really like that. Plus there will be change in the fall with the little sprout coming and this will be best for our family.

This morning I was woken up early by some kicks (A small side note: I just love feeling the kicks and could stay in bed for hours being amazed that there is a little person growing inside of me!!). Despite wanting to stay in bed, I decided to get up and get ready, make some blueberry scones, pack lunch, and make sure we would be out the door on time. You can find the delicious scone recipe here. Another side note: Not only is Mary a wonderful photographer but a great baker as she served them to me this past month when I visited her in NY. We sat on her porch and chatted about life, children, and photography. The scones were an added bonus. I had two that morning, they are that good!

A lesson learned this morning is that making a new recipe is not the best idea when you need to get out the door on time. I thought I had plenty of time. However it was not just the scones. Curling the hair, a few extra pictures, and forgetting her nap mat as we were driving down the road were also several things that made us only a couple minutes late this morning to Pre-K. Hopefully the blueberry scones given to the teachers will make up for my tardiness! ENJOY!!!

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Seven of Twelve

I decided that I was only going to lug my Contax to the Lititz 4th of July parade.

It would be a way would make me practice shooting manually, as well as meet my goal of shooting film for myself.

I am so thankful that I did because the more I shoot film the more I love it!

I love the color, the no editing, and how it makes me slow down and shoot less.

Thanks Aunt Mary for snapping our 7 of 12 for us.  The Lititz parade is a tradition in our family as we sit on the curb

watch the fire trucks drive by, veterans march, and children scurry to gather up the candy thrown.

It was fun to have family and friends join us this year with their children.A candy necklace to wear and eat! I remember having these as a little girl.On the actual 4th of July we go blueberry picking… Myla wanted to wear her dress again.We headed up to Weaver’s to pick and discovered Blue Rays, big, sweet, and delicious kind of blueberries!

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