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There are hundreds of pictures, if not thousands that I have captured of our life and details of the every day with my phone each year. I am sure that I am not alone. I have attempted to create photo books through other companies in the past, print pictures and stick them in an album, and attempt organize them on my computer. Though I have not been successful with any of these methods consistently. I believe each image has a purpose, a story to tell, something that I want to remember…despite these desire for purpose most of my images are stored on my computer sit only to be viewed when in the office. The story and memories are being held captive. I love holding a print and seeing its color in person or flipping pages of a book and looking back at the memories created together. I am a believer in reminiscing.

This summer a friend share with me Artifact Uprising and in doing so has solved a problem for me: What to do with all my iphone pictures? Artifact Uprising made it easy to take my pictures off my phone and put them into my hands through a beautiful %100 recycled book. They even created a book designed for Instagrams. I made one book this summer of last year’s Instagrams. This past weekend, part of my nesting was to collect my favorites and organize them from this year so that I can make a book come the new year. It given me purpose to keep capturing the everyday moments with my iphone and for that I am grateful. Make sure you check them out. All their products are beautiful and created with purpose.

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Glad to hear good things about this company! As you know I do an annual photo book using Blurb and I love that. I think this will be my 5th year! I use my camera photos as well as my iphone images to do my annual book and have been happy with it. However, I really want to make the photo calendar clipboard that Artifact offers this year for all of our parents! I think that will be a nice thing to give grandparents to enjoy all year!! Can’t wait to try it!

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry: Ruxton Residence Master Bedroom

Light, relaxing, and calming would be all words to describe this Master Bedroom. Stepping into the room the natural sunlight beamed in. The light grey walls added a layer of peacefulness and the pop of pink added the touch of happiness. And let’s not forget to mention the fireplace. I have always wanted a fireplace in the master bedroom. It seems to create the perfect warm, romantic and cozy atmosphere.

Lyndon Sentz of Lyndon Heath Cabinetry worked with architect Patrick Jarosinski to create the custom window seats, built-ins, and mantel. Lyndon noted that it is remarkable how the initial concept design is always matches the final product when working with PDJ and Associates. The details and design are well thought through both in design and function. It is the planning and precise execution of the details that make a project complete. ENJOY!!!

Also in the home a custom desk was designed to be hidden behind the closet doors!

Check out how they used closet space and made it very practical and functional.

Lyndon Sentz

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry


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Patrick Jarosinski

Patrick Jarosinski and Associates

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I love those chairs!

Eight of Twelve

eight of twevle_742As the months of the year go by it is harder to remember to get our monthly family photo.

In August we headed to the lake for a week with family and waited until the day we were leaving to grab a picture of us.

The lake has become a place to relax, unwind, and make memories. Making memories is my favorite part.eight of twevle_743eight of twevle_744

eight of twevle_745

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Amanda Austin Interiors: Rolling Road Golf Club Play Room

In July I had the honor to photograph a Play Room designed by Amanda Austin Interiors senior designer Jackie Bayer. The room was colorful, bright, organized, and full of creative space for children to play. However, the room was only like this after Jackie designed it. I do not often see the before pictures of a space, but thought it would be great to share them this time. The before pictures below show the space that Jackie had to work with in order to create a playroom for the Golf Club member’s children. This is where talent is seen. Taking a space that exists, seeing beyond the walls and what is present and designing a space that meets the client’s needs and desires. Not only color was added, but additionally a window that allowed the parents to see their children, new floors, a hand painted mural on the wall, lights, and a large chalkboard wall. See below for the transformation that Jackie designed and be inspired. ENJOY!!

The Before pictures…

And now the AFTER photographs!!!

The high gloss red media table was purchase from CB2.The new window added visibility for the parents to observe there children playing.The large chalkboard wall is a fun and accessible place for children to create and draw.The white children’s table is from Land of Nod.Amanda Austin Interiors Playroom_731

Bookcase are a must for organization. These can be found at Ikea.Love the hand painted mural!!

Amanda Austin Interiors
1020 S. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
p. 443.759.6177
f. 443.627.8361

Jackie Bayer

Senior Designer

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Summer on Film

Continuing with my goal of shooting more film personally here are some photographs from this summer. I read somewhere someone reminding someone to recall the number of digital pictures it took for them to get images that they loved and not to give up on film, but to keep shooting and learning. I am still exploring how much I like to overexpose (at least 2-3 stops), figuring out when I am comfortable shooting and when I am not, what is causing the blurry images on my end, and what are my hesitations for push the shutter. I continue to love how shooting film slows me down (I know I say this every time, but its true) and I love the colors results of Fuji Pro-400 in the Contax. I continue to use The FIND Lab and their service and scans have been amazing. ENJOY!

so much of our summer is picking seasonal fruit and enjoying it!it might be the blueberries she stuck in her little pocket that I love so much!Our little out of control rose bush in full bloom.our basil plant got a little touch of gold thanks to pinterest’s inspiration.Cleaning her dolls clothes like she saw in her book.

a good friend weeks before she got married!

Our trip to NY city…At the time you feel like your belly is big and growing. Then you look back two months later and think I was so wrong.This might be Myla’s highlight from our NY trip.Ordering dinner…Our hotel: The Hudson

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Adalie Langford

Wow, Jamie. These are g o r g e o u s.

Ahhhh!! Creamy, dreamy film!!! You are making me wish for a Contax Push Gift….;-)) Just gorgeous! xo

awesome images! you did a great job capturing summer and that blueberry pic is adorbs. love all of them.