Fells Point: Meaghan and Pete

From the very first email that I received there were two things that stood out about Meaghan. One, she was so excited about getting married to Pete and planning their wedding! She shared about the details of her venues, her love of the city and the colors she was incorporating into her wedding day! Meaghan also expressed her love for photography! Being in this profession I appreciate when a bride loves and enjoys photography.  This love for photography naturally transcends their enjoyment of taking pictures.

It was only Meaghan and Pete’s fourth date when Meaghan asked a loaded question. Her job wanted her to relocate out of Baltimore. Meaghan wanted Pete’s thoughts if she should move; basically she needed to know if Pete was serious about their new relationship. The relocation would be to another state; it would make their relationship long distance. As Meaghan discussed her options she kept coming back to the point that her family was all in the area, so why move away from them? Then deep down she confessed that it was Pete who she did not want to move away from. Let’s just say it was a defining moment in their relationship to which both of them are thankful that Meaghan chose to stay in Baltimore.

Choosing a place for their engagement session was an easy decision for them. Fells Point. Meaghan grew up in the city, hon and has a love for it!  Pete proposed to Meaghan on 34rd Street late last year. If you are at all familiar with 34th street during the holiday season it is know for all the homes on this city blocked are decorated with lights, thousands of lights. It was then only appropriate to first start at Bertha’s Mussels, as it is a place for Meaghan and Pete that holds many memories together. From there we walk the cobblestone streets around Fells Point to capture their love! Enjoy!!!

Love these city photographs in black and white!Seriously Meaghan!!!

Yes, Meaghan walked in these shoes with no problems! If you are wondering they are Steve Madden.

LOVE this one above!Sweet kisses!!!Meaghan you have a beautiful smile!

Meaghan first described Pete to me as the kindest man she knows.

I would agree that Pete looks at Meaghan of eyes filled with kindness and love for her!

Meaghan your smile shows your love for Pete!Meaghan’s favorite color: purple!Stunning!!!Then we walked over to Robert McClintock gallery! Meaghan loves his bright and colorful art!I asked Pete how did he know he wanted to marry Meaghan…

He replied,  “Without sounding cliche; he could not imagine living life with out her!”

A FAVORITE for sure!!!love love love your smile!!Love this too!!As the sun was setting we still wanted to grab a few photos by the water!

. . .. . .. . .. . .

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Perfect and gorgeous!!! xo

eight years married

I woke up thinking about our wedding day eight years ago!!! Remembering the excitement and thankfulness I felt inside to God, how I woke up at 5:30 am, I enjoyed having breakfast with my family, seeing the seats be set up for our ceremony, hearing music practiced outside, seeing the blue skies after it pouring the night before, seeing family and friends present, and the feeling of knowing the wait is over to become husband and wife. I’m thrilled to be married to Lyndon and be his wife! It has amazed me to count all our years married. I truly am more in love with him now as we have walked through life’s joys and trials together then when we first got married. I love looking back and seeing God’s faithfulness in bringing us together and his faithfulness to us over the last eight years. God has been the one who has guided and directed our path and the one who we have learned to trust that knows what is best for us. I am so thankful for a husband who is committed and loves God, and has been faithful to me. I look forward to making more memories together over this next year of marriage together.

For each year of marriage I attached two pictures at the end of a balloon.

This was a great way to reminiscence about camping out west and hiking in the Tetons,

our first apartment with only one gas fireplace to heat the whole place,

building the barn/workshop all summer long with help from so many,

skiing/snowboarding for the first time together in CO, camping in VT in the back country,

yearly traditions of picking strawberries and apples , navigating through Europe with maps and no phones,

beach getaway before Myla was born where the room we stayed only had two twin beds,

celebrating Myla’s first birthday with friends and family, traveling to Nicaragua with my siblings through Lacrosse the Nations,

and celebrating ten years of dating earlier this year!!!

I was a little surprised at the few number of pictures that I had of just the two of us.

It put a desire in me to remember to get a picture of us more often and not to say we have some.

I want Myla to have pictures of us together to look back on and know that her mommy and daddy loved each other!

our wedding picture!

(this creative idea came from pinterest)

. . .. . .. . .. . .

I haven’t had the chance to meet your husband, but he’s one smart guy for snatching you up! Congratulations Jamie :) See you Tuesday!

Happy anniversary! And how creative to put the pictures on the balloons. You two are adorable together.


Happy Anniversary!

Inner Harbor: Scott and Jill

I first met Jill back at Katelyn James’ Workshop in November. Immediately, I noticed how Jill was friendly, outgoing, and encouraging to everyone she met. It is her sweet personality through and through! Jill loves people. After the workshop we continued to stay in touch and a friendship has grown!  Jill is a wife, mother to nine children, and a photographer. And Scott has a full plate too. He is owns a business and working on his PHD. I do not know how they both manage everything but they do! And let’s not forget Jill still has time to encourage others too to see the beauty in which God created them! I admire her passion for the Lord, her husband and children. She has been an example to me of love.

Early this winter Jill emailed and asked if we could do an anniversary session as her and her husband would be celebrating ten years of marriage!! It was an honor to capture their sweet love after ten years being married! Thank you Jill and Scott for taking time and meeting in Baltimore for your anniversary session! May you enjoy many more married years together!!! ENJOY!!

They were calling for 50% chance of thunderstorms…we never had a drop of rain until heading home!

Jill you look beautiful!!! Seriously!LOVE your sweet and kind spirit that is behind your smile!love the kisses!a quick outfit change for some more pictures!Jill was so comfortable in front of the camera it made my job so fun to capture them together!

Then it was Scott’s turn to be in front and he did awesome!

LOVE this one!!And this one too!!!

On the right I love how Scott is looking at you, Jill.Again the one of the right Jill, you are beautiful! So content resting on Scott.Favorite!!!the middle Jill-I love it!!!And as we were heading to the car we stopped for one more picture…well that turned into more like ten more!!!OK, I really love this one of you in Scott’s arms!Love everything about this one above!

. . .. . .. . .. . .

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These are SO good! Love Jill and Scott and you have captured them beautifully :)

Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of two of my favorite online friends. Jill has become such a wonderful blogging friend and Scott has helped me in my spiritual growth in ways he may not even know. Simply beautiful!


Jamie– these are so stinking awesome! You captured Jill’s and Scott’s love for each other beautifully and adorably! I love so many of them that trying to pic a fav is very difficult! So glad you were able to get these for them!!! I adore my bff and her family and these will be treasured forever!

How cute are they!! I love that they chose photographs to celebrate their 10 years. That’s awesome!!

Jamie – if only you could see my smile right now and know how much these photos mean to me! Scott looks amazing – you captured my husband!!! Our children will love these too! Thank you so much!

I’m really blessed that you did this for us! It truly is important for each couple to keep their love alive and capture it for them, and their children!

BIG HUGS! Can’t wait to see you again!
xo Jill

you did a great job Jamie! :)and happy 10 years to Jill and Scott!