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I have loved capturing Kaleb over his first year of life. I love his big brown eyes, his happy spirit and his smile!!!  I, however can not take the credit for getting him to smile on his one year old session. Myla usually does not join me on a shoot however I was thankful she did. I am not a child photographer and as I realized how Myla gained Kaleb’s attention fast then I could, I put her to work. Myla would stand behind me and call Kaleb’s name! He looked. Myla laughed. Kaleb laughed. Myla made a silly face and Kaleb laughed some more. She has turned into a BIG helper! Myla listened so well, payed attention to directions and held onto the balloons for the end of the session. Well, at least till the very end  of the session until they made their way up into a tree! And yes,the balloons were all tied together with a weight!!! I’m hoping one day that she will not be holding the balloons, but a camera in hand and shooting along side of me.

If you look closely you can see the bunch of balloons up in the tree in the picture on the right!

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Sally Krueger

awww…. I love that!!

Kaleb: ONE

I now can not call him Baby Kaleb. He is officially ONE!!! As a mother time just seems to fly. You look back and see how quickly a year passes and how much your child has grown. I love pictures as they freeze these moments of them that change before your eyes. He is now walking on his own! I forgot how fast little walkers are and how they just keep going! There was no slowing Kaleb down once out of his mama’s arms! Kaleb has the sweetest spirit! He loves being around people and there is always a smile on his face! A BIG smile of happiness! It was such an honor to capture him through his first year…you can see three months here, six months here, and nine months here. Thank you again Mirjam for allowing me to capture your little boy! Enjoy!!

LOVE his hat and those dark brown eyes!!!

such happiness!!!

He is now a big boy walking on his own!!I loved all his sweet touches between him and his mama!!Look at his little hand on his mama’s face! O-so sweet!!Above is a favorite!!!And, yes, that is a baby bump! Kaleb will be a big brother come late fall!!!And what is a birthday without cake??!!I think he loved it!!!All done and cleaned up from the cake!!

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Sally Krueger

A-DORABLE!! I absolutley LOVE the ones where you can only see his Mama’s hand holding his and he is just beaming!! so cute!

[...] happy spirit and his smile!!!  I, however can not take the credit for getting him to smile on his one year old session. Myla usually does not join me on a shoot however I was thankful she did. I am not a child [...]

This is my great nephew. And he is really precious…and his mama is beautiful. Aunt Rachel


Wow, what a cutie! Great job, Jamie.

Such a cute outfit! Love the woodpile!

cute! great location and fun photos

Sneak Peek: Kaleb 1 year


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[...] I had it planned on my blog calendar (yes, I even have a plan for blogging); but posted someone cuter! I was going to skip posting April instagram’s simply because well it’s not April [...]

De Neumann

Mirjam… Caleb makes me smile! Has his mom’s countenance … the smile is a dead givaway! ! !

What a looker! That smile!!


So great! Yet again, you and your assistant Myla made my Spring “baby” laugh away. It was so fun playing with the two of you!

Creating a Better Place

As I have mentioned in my previous post I have been self taught photographer. I did not go for school for photography but was handed a camera and asked to learn!  I have spent hours reading blogs and websites to learn all that I could. My learning has been by the generosity of other professional photographers in the industry. I am thankful for all those who are willing to teach and share their knowledge to make the industry a better place. Jasmine Star is an example of this. On Friday, Jasmine Star is again teaming up with creativeLIVE for another workshop sharing her knowledge of how to get published. My calendar has been marked for this three day event. I’m hoping to watch as much live, however I did go ahead and pre-order the videos yesterday! This will  ensure I will be able to watch it all without fearing if I leave  my computer chair I might miss something! I’m so thankful for creativeLIVE and their investment in the photography industry. Make sure you sign up and catch what you can!


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Sally Krueger

Ok…1st – I don’t know what you’ll think about this – but like you – I am self taught (with so much left to learn…speaking of myself) – and I view you as someone that has been so helpful to me in my learning process! SO thank you!! And 2nd – I’m enrolled! :)