Adalie and AJ married (part two)

Ready for part two??!!…details, details, and more details. After we finished portraits at Old Zion church we headed to the reception which was held at CrossWay Church property. It is located on a beautiful farm in southern Lancaster. Once it was clearly established that God as the center of their wedding day celebration, planning the details from there was the fun part.  The placed was decorated with DIY details everywhere you looked! When I asked about planning the details of her wedding Adalie shared that there were many ideas and they had to narrowed them down. Months leading up to their wedding, Adalie was living out in Washington; she relied heavily on her family for help. Adalie said it was her mother who would take an idea of her’s and make it better! If you know Adalie’s mother you know that she is known for being thrifty! The details created by their families were done solely out of love.

Here are some of Adalie’s thoughts about her wedding day, “So much just fell into place into the beautiful, homey, natural, heartfelt wedding that I always dreamed of. I loved the natural beauty all around found in the beautiful faces of the people who graciously helped, friends and family who traveled from afar, my nephews catching fireflies and wrestling in the grass, the beautiful overgrown green grass, the lights hanging from the trees (a friend described them as fireflies in the trees, which I loved), my father walking down the aisle, the old beauty of the historic church building, and a million other details that made it perfect in my eyes”.

As the sun was setting Adalie and AJ choose to take some more portraits together as husband and wife. This is one of my favorite parts of the evening!!  Their love for one another is inspiring and I know it overflows from the love they have for God first. I could have kept shooting them until there was no more light left in the sky!! However we did stop.  The music played, the cake was cut, and the lights hung from the trees began to glow as the reception went on into the warm spring evening. In the end AJ and Adalie left married as husband and wife together!!! Again many thanks to Tina and Chaucee for shooting this wedding with me! ENJOY!!!

Adalie’s brother made all the stands for the flowers.Going with the color pick: there was PINK popcorn and PINK cotton candy!Showing off his tattoo again!From Adalie, “One of my favorite parts. AJ is from Washington, I moved there last October, and we are now leaving here together.

Our wedding was in Pennsylvania, but I wanted to have some taste of Washington at our wedding.

The area we are from is known for berries!

So AJ’s mom and I made blackberry jam for favors, and AJ and his brother, Tyler, picked the berries from their farm.

Truly homemade and from the heart.”“For the kids, AJ’s mom made adorable little pig soaps for each child.

I love pigs and the pink went with our theme as well. They were a last minute decision that I loved.” Adalie Langford

All drinks were served in canning jars with lids! Perfect for no spills when carrying them to your table!They found this piece of furniture in one of the old barns located on the church property!

It was perfect for the table numbers.

The food was served up above by the red barn and down below was a picnic grove where guest ate their chicken BBQ!The flowers were AMAZING!!!!How cute and practical…wipes in a jar!!More pinks and yellows!!!And then it was time for some more portraits around the property!!

Another cute ring bearer wanted to be a part of the shoot!! He too is Adalie’s nephew.

LOVE this shot and angle taken by Tina!I love these big rustic trees on the farm property.

When asked what was her favorite moment,

Adalie replied, “I can’t pick just one. But they all kind of go together.

On our wedding day, AJ and I just got to be together. And that’s my favorite thing.”Anyone else notice the jean jacket added! Loved the look on Adalie!Thank you Chaucee for capturing the image above!

LOVE these moments between Adalie and AJ!

simply elegant!

Tina caught AJ playing with his wedding band!Chaucee captured this angle of Adalie.

Such sweet LOVE!

Again the one above was captured by Tina!

Yes, she got him first!

The lights created a beautiful and romantic setting as the sun set.

Candles and lights glowed everywhere!

Ceremony: Old Zion Church

Invitation: Go Go Snap Etsy

Florist: Dawn Mellinger

Reception: Crossway Church of Lancaster

Caterer: Charlie’s Chicken BBQ

Cakes: Oregon Dairy Bakery

Lighting: Studio Jenz

Bride’s attire: Blouse from Old Navy, skirt made by my mother with finishing touches by local seamstress, Dawn Shahan.

earrings were from Bonton, and floral garland was made by our florist (Dawn Mellinger).

Bridesmaid’s attire: Dresses made by the same amazing seamstress, Dawn Shahan.

Groom’s attire: Old Navy pants, vest made by Dawn Shahan (again, amazing), and shirt from JC Penney’s.

Groomsmen’s attire: Old Navy pants,  ivory shirt and tan/brown suspenders and shoes.

. . .. . .. . .. . .

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Jamie – this post is so full of love and beauty! So simple and yet so deeply touching!

Thank you for sharing them with us! Gorgeous photos! I have serious hair envy at the moment – I will go and confess that quickly! he he he!

Wow, this wedding is so gorgeous. I love the natural homey feeling it has. Outdoor weddings are always my fave and I know you’re pictures will help them remember it even more clearly and forever! Lovely work.

C Neumann

This wedding took my breath away, so simple, yet so elegant…I just loved how it all came together…nice job, Jamie and congrats to the newlyweds…many years of happiness!


WOW! amazing job, Jamie! you do *such* beautiful work!

Adalie & Gina…all of your hard work & creativity paid off…what a perfect & special day it was! congratulations & blessings to the new couple!:)

I LOVE THIS WEDDING! BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING pictures, Jamie! Totally need to get this one published. :)


Jamie, I love everything about this! The wedding is so beautiful, the bride is GORGEOUS. It was so fun looking at the pictures knowing the bride, her family, the photographers, the property, etc.
Adalie, one of my favorite things is your jean jacket! And the drinking jars.

Adalie and AJ married (part one)

In January, I promised Adalie that her wedding day it would be warmer then the day of their engagement shoot (if you remember it was shot on a day that was below freezing!!) And it was. May 20th was a gorgeous day for Adalie and AJ to become husband and wife!!  The weather was warm but not too hot, a gentle breeze blew through the church windows, and the sky was blue!  The day began as I arrived at Adalie parent’s home. The house was filled with parents, siblings, and friends getting dressed, putting on makeup, finishing hair, and noticeable peace. All the planning and wedding details were finished and now it was time to enjoy the moments together!

One thing that I loved was photographing Adalie in her room once she was in her wedding dress. I had seen so many of her photographs taken there by her window.  Now it was her turn to be photographed in front of her window on her  wedding day! Adalie is beautiful and her sweet spirit is a reflection of the love of Christ that is in her.

The day was filled with friends and family, sweet love, and thoughtful details.  God was the center. Their love and marriage was rooted in the foundation of God’s love first. It was God’s love that brought the two of them together. Adalie and AJ confessed their vows to one another in the smallest, most simply and rustic church ever located in the countryside!!  Their families and friends both local and far (Washington state) were all present to celebrate their love and their commitment to the Lord!!! The wedding was a true reflection of who Adalie and AJ are as a couple and I loved capturing it!

As I was putting together this blog post I realized that I had too many pictures to share. Their were two options for me…narrow them down or do a part one and a part two of their wedding! I chose to do a part one and part two! I need to thank Tina for second shooting with me and Chaucee for third shooting with me this day! Adalie and AJ thank you for trusting me to capture your wedding! I was honored to shoot it! ENJOY!!!

I loved the window light pouring in!The map was given to her by AJ. Love your smile Adalie!!Adalie with her bridesmaids.LOVED Adalie’s flower headpiece with her golden curls!AJ waiting before the ceremony.

Loved AJ’s vest and the groomsmen suspenders!The church was established in 1794 and currently does not have any running water or electricity!It is such a sweet moment between a bride and her father as they walk down the aisle together!Loved this shot by Tina of the first kiss!!!


more sweet love…captured by Chaucee!

One of the cutest ring bearers!

After everyone headed to the reception we took some time for some portraits in the church!This was Adalie’s idea. I can not take the credit for it! Love the light coming in on her!!

I love seeing the first pictures where you can see the groom’s ring!FAVORITE!!! Adalie loved the fullness of her dress, especially when twirled by her husband!!And another favorite above for sure!!!!

beautiful flowers..peonies and roses!

and now you will have to wait for part two…

. . .. . .. . .. . .

I am IN LOVE with her beautiful dress. She is stunning. Any ideas where she got it from?

she is just gorgeous! and so are these photos!


*gorgeous* work Jamie!!! Adalie & AJ, this wedding was absolutely one of my faves! you guys are too adorable & have the best style & sweet sweet gentle spirits. i too, am dying for part two! tomorrow, Jame??? xo


Jamie what fun pictures and I love love the church! Cannot wait for part 2


Amazing. And Abe and his tat steal the show! :)

I LOVE that twirling in the church picture. I’d frame that one for sure! And that church–breathtaking!! I love the pics of the bride standing on her bed too…

Adalie Langford

I could. not. be. happier. Jamie (&Tina &Chaucee), you amaze me. So pleased and so excited for part 2. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jamie – these are beautiful! Great job! That ring bearer is the cutest I have ever seen 😀 What a wonderful place to say I DO!

beautiful! I love the ring bearer! :) and that church is so quaint! great job Jamie!

Instagrams: May

In the beginning of this month I was going to write about all the things that I looked forward to…picking strawberries, engagement sessions, mother’s day, blooming flowers and shooting my first wedding of the year. So instead of writing it in the beginning I will write about it now…at the end of the month. Again this month flew for me! May is the month that gives touches of summer days that are ahead and makes me excited for the warmer weather. On the top of my list is strawberry picking. I am such a happy girl when my berry bowl is filled and fresh flowers are cut! I love spending time with my family making memories in the everyday!

date night out for a milkshake…our church building progresscelebrating my mother’s birthday!best mother’s day gift…beatty chocolate caked baked for me!a new book that I am reading and gathering inspiration for shooting film!finally I am able to braid her hair and it stays in for more then 5 minutes!spent the weekend with family going through old pictures!Adalie and AJ’s wedding was in the cutest church ever!!cousins. myla took the picture on the right. i love her little toes in the pic!summer reading continues!

and we surprisingly  got my office cleaned and repainted last weekend!! No more green!

I have an amazing husband who helped me get it all done!

ended the month with a great engagement shoot in Baltimore!

. . .. . .. . .. . .

a desire to learn…

In the world of photography there are four letters that have been tugging on my heart for several years. It’s FILM. Yes, as you have read my journey as it started in 2009 I entered the digital world of photography. I was learning how to shoot in manual and what aperture and shutter speed meant. I was searching other photographer’s blogs and leaning anything I could. A year later I began to find myself attracted to certain images, only to discover that the photographer was shooting film. The soft pastel colors and the warm light of each image was beautiful.  August of 2010 (remember I like dates and numbers) I read Jill Thomas blog post. It was her blog post about her experience at the Film Is Not Dead workshop by Jonathan Canlas. Jill Thomas wrote, “I’m not saying shoot film (well I am but you don’t have to), but I am saying try it out.”

This is when the desire to learn film was planted.  I bookmarked the page for a later date and shared this new desire with Lyndon. In August of 2010, my business had only been offical for a month and there was a lot of work to do. Learning film was not on the list. Now almost two more years later this desire to learn is still here. It can be overwhelming where to start so I went back to my bookmark and purchase Jonathan Canlas book early this month. He goes through the basics, and shares openly what film and camera equipment he uses. I’m about half way through this book. I am also in the middle of reading several film photographer’s books: Jose Villa, and Elizabeth Messina. And this month my mom gave me her AE-1 canon 35mm film camera!!! I am so excited to test it out with the film recommendations by Jonathan Canlas and try it out!

and a picture of me first shooting with the Canon AE-1 while at my parents home several weekends ago!

(thanks Mary to taking this picture!)

While we were at my parents house several weekends ago we went through bins of old family photos! I loved it!!

Here are two favorite that my mom took of me when I was little.

. . .. . .. . .. . .

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Awesome post Jamie! Love that last photo. Is that Grady?

Jamie that is awesome! Have fun learning film! I must say there is something special about film photography – yet I don’t miss it. I personally love all that digital has brought to photography.

I look forward to watching you create, grow, and learn the art of film photography!

Blessings – Jill
PS You were absolutely adorable as a little girl!!! Your mom took wonderful photos of you!

Aw, an Irish Setter! I grew up with an Irish Setter named “Shamrock.” Turning back towards film seems to be the trend right now. Marta Locklear is doing that (her latest images are gorgeous). I started with film and only came to digital after having my kids. My film camera sadly broke due to a splash of water when on a trip to Maine. :( I loved film when I took a B&W class in college. My favorite part, actually, was the dark room. Could get lost in there for ours developing my own prints. Loved that! Have fun and now cool you got your Mom’s camera! Extra special!