Sneak peek: Adalie and AJ wedding


so many more to come…

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Oh Jamie- these are just gorgeous! You are so talented, friend! :)

gorgeous! I love the jacket she wore too something you don’t often see!

They are absolutely stunning! I can’t wait to see more.


These are so pretty, can’t wait to see the rest, Jamie!!

Gina Plain

You did a great job! You are so warm and friendly and yet professional….and know all the tricks to get folks to give you a good shot. Can’t wait to see more!! Loved the 2nd shooters too (Tina and Chaucee).


absolutely gorgeous! can’t wait to see more, jamie!

I love that overhead shot!

My dream was always to be married in my folks’ back yard, barefoot with daisies in my hair just like this beautiful bride. But, I married an “uptown” guy with much different tastes. :) We’re learning to meet in the middle. So, maybe by our 30th, we’ll do the wedding I wanted. 😉

Woooo pretty! Can’t wait to see more!!!


Five of Twelve


One request for Mother’s Day was to take some pictures!

Big surprise right! I really never grow tired of getting pictures, especially pictures of the three of us!

And I love ones of me and my little girl!

Right now she likes to match what I am wearing and I LOVE it!!

Then I asked Myla to take a picture of the two of us. I set the aperture at little higher then where I like to shot and handed her the camera.

I think she did awesome!! She told us what to do and where to look!

After shooting I thanked her for this unexpected gift from her…pictures me and Lyndon together.

The last picture below became my favorite after looking through the pictures she took!

I know that I am blurry and I think that is a part of what I love about it.

I feel like it captures a smile of me that comes out of my love for my little girl and she caught it!

. . .. . .. . .. . .

Aww, so sweet! We totally missed April! :( I just forgot about it and Josh was gone 2 weeks out of the month. Maybe we’ll do two family photos for this month to make up for it. :)

lovely! great gift to take photos together and I agree she did a good job

Beautiful from start to finish! Myla did a GREAT job!!!!

Lock Ridge Furnace: Caitlin and Dave

Last Thursday I drove up to the town of Emmaus for Caitlin and Dave’s engagement session. Not far behind me were dark rain clouds. At one point in my drive up, my wipers were on full blast and the rain poured down. I was about half way there and decided to keep driving with hope that the sun would come out.

We met at the church they are going to get married at and then rode together to the location they chose for their engagement session. In the car I had the chance to hear how they meet and fell in love! This is one of my favorite parts about being a wedding photographer!

Caitlin and Dave first met in biology class in college. It was the fall of Caitlin’s junior year and Dave’s senior year when the emails between them began as friends. They would hang out together in class and the emails continued between them. It was not until the second semester that Dave finally confessed that he liked her in a coffee shop. Though this seemed slow to Caitlin it was ok because she had saved every email from Dave, starting with the first one. How sweet-right!

They are a perfect couple together! Dave likes to think things through thoroughly and take his time. Caitlin likes to know what is going on and to have a plan. Through time they became engaged and their wedding date is now planned for late July! I can not wait for their wedding! And for their engagement session the clouds rolled away and sun came out for a beautiful evening! Enjoy!!!


hello LOVE lit in golden sunlight!!!Caitlin you are beautiful and smile perfectly with your eyes!!Dave said he was not sure if he could pull off the model face. Well, I had to disagree with him.I love the one above!!!Caitlin wanted old, historic stone buildings for their engagement shoot. She picked the best location!Caitlin confessed that she stalked the blog before her engagement session!

I loved that she did!! She knew what to expect and they made my job so easy!Dave was so sweet and would turn towards Caitlin with this smile on his face

that spoke of contentment he has in her by his side.Caitlin, you are stunning!!!Above is a FAVORITE!!!a quick outfit change as the sun was setting.

O, sooo beautiful!!

love this!!There were so many spots to shoot!! I loved these arches!With no directions, Caitlin props her foot up against the wall! LOVE it!!!

I love this shot of you two!!

And I will end with another favorite…a sweet kiss behind the school house!!

. . .. . .. . .. . .

Really, really pretty shots! Super duper compositions! Way to rock this shoot.

Nice pictures, Jamie! Love all the poses and the overall flow. :)

They certainly did a great job picking a location. Those arches are awesome!