Briar Ridge Farm: Corinne and John

Both Corinne and John were invited to a party of mutual friends. Neither of them knew of each other. It was a  summer party and the pool was open for swimming. Corinne recently got out of the pool and was drying off. She  recalls her first interaction with John during the evening was when he pushed her into the pool! As Corinne retold me about getting thrown into the pool, John stood their with a smile on his face. Though John claims that they did exchange names prior to him pushing her in. Well, this evening was the beginning of many times that John and Corinne found themselves hanging out together.

Corinne and John have been together since. Five years and counting.  They will now tie the knot and become husband and wife at the end of June! I’m counting down! When I was with them there was a level of comfort of being together in front of the camera that was noticeable. John and Corinne laughed and smiled together. They enjoyed themselves and I loved that!!!  Briar Ridge Farm was the perfect backdrop for their engagement session. Enjoy!!!


Some of the first frames out of the camera!!I love an open field… the sun even peeked out from the clouds for us!too cute!I love them laughing together…

Corinne picked a dress with a great pop of color!Love the one above!

Corinne you are beautiful and John is one lucky man!

A quick outfit change and we headed down to the dock for a romantic canoe ride!A favorite for sure!!!The one above makes me smile!And yes that is a tree-house out on the island on the far left side of the picture!Love the sweet smiles and kiss!!!Stunning!!!

. . .. . .. . .. . .
John's Mom Mom

I love the picures! I wish you guys much happiness and God’s blessings to you both! I love you a bunch!

John's Momma

Wonderful pictures… you captured who they are while maintaining their style. What stunning pictures!! Corrine is beautiful and John is handsome. I see their love, Thanks for sharing!!

Hope Bassett


I LOVE that these photos are not all about the ring, but are more about the relationship between the couple!!! You are soooo good!!!



Oh, I just LOVE that second to last shot, in the canoe! And what a stunning location! :)

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

I do not usually know where to begin to write to communicate my thoughts and all that I am thinking. It takes me time to think about all the points I want to say clearly. This is probably the hardest for me to do with my mom. There is honestly so much to say about the person who raised you, taught you to ski, walked with your through teenage years, planned family vacations and the best birthday parties, who has loved you through no matter what, always there, and who now has become a friend as we are both older. The other day I was reading with Myla and love was defined as “giving willingly of whatever I have to meet someone’s need”. I immediately thought of my mom. This definition of love characterizes her. She gives of herself to serve, care and love others. When I think there is no humanly way possible to give more, she does. And she does it out without complaining, but out of complete love for others. I have been privilege to have receive her love over the years and the million ways that she seeks to serve us! Thank you mom for loving me and loving others as Christ has loved you. Thank you for your example. I love you!!


This is one picture I had from the archive. My mom loves the beach and she was the one who taught us to dive through the waves fearlessly.

For over 20 years my parents host a Wreath Making Party!!!

When I was in labor she stayed up all night praying for me and the delivery. The rest of the family camped out!! Such troopers!

The pictures above are within minutes of Myla being born.

The next one are from Tina when Myla was 6 days old!!

My mom swam at college at West Chester and Myla has always loved the water and swimming with Grande!

Myla’s first birthday!I am learning and beginning to understand the happiness a mother feels when all her children are at home.Loves these of her and Myla!!I’m thankful for their marriage and how they truly love one another! They are high school sweet hearts.My mom and dad have created traditions in our family. 4th of July blueberry picking is one of them!

This year Myla insisted on having her egg salad sandwiches in heart shaped because

she remembered how Grande made them special last Valentine’s Day.

Any ounce of creativity in me comes from my mom. I’m thankful she loves to paint and get messy with Myla.

More of Myla and Grande (sounds like Gran D)

Halloween customs were always in our house growing up thanks to my mom love of a good time together and creativity.

This year another grandchild enter the family, Liam.

All the girls…We planned dinner together; not the outfits. Though we all showed up coordinating.

(Missing my sister in the picture as CO is too far to come for dinner)And last night we went out to celebrate her!

. . .. . .. . .. . .
Pat Shoff

What a beautiful tribute to your mother! Just had to tell you that I, too, have been enjoying your wonderful gift of creativity through your photography.

Ashley Ralston

Jamie, this is an amazing tribute! I haven’t had the opportunity to meet you or your mother, but I feel like I know you both already! What a wonderful wonderful family and such love that overflows! Thank you for sharing and being such an inspiration to us all :)

Awww so sweet!

I love your mom too! She’s been so encouraging to me. I’ve been in many small group ladies Bible studies with her, worked with her on our latest big event at church, have been blessed by her hospitality like coming over to use the pool or their property for one of my own photo sessions. She’s a beautiful lady, inside and out! :)

Instagrams (April)

 The last day in April came and went and I totally forgot to post my instagrams for April. I had it planned on my blog calendar (yes, I even have a plan for blogging); but posted someone cuter! I was going to skip posting April instagram’s simply because well it’s not April anymore. However I got over my type “A” personality and decided to post them even if we are in May. Pictures, especially these, help document my everyday moments that I want to remember.

eating breakfast together.

her hair is getting so long and i love it in a pony tail.

when I looked at her from the kitchen I could not believe how much older she looks to me.

I love the chair she is sitting in that we are borrowing from the Millens!date with Grande (my mom) at Starbucks and then a trip to Trader Joes! Myla loves pushing her own cart.A trip to Leesburg VA with Amanda Austin Interiors.

Another date to Starbucks. We went to talk about myla’s question, “How can we hear God if he is in heaven?”

an Easter picture of the two of us.Easter egg competition: Lyndon won!!Myla loves her babies!!!new wall art by Made by Girl in pink of course.Trip to visit Gigi and Bebe with cousins!!!One  hot day in April we made a trip to Lititz Park to meet Kaleb!She is signed up for Pre-K in the fall! Half breaks my mommy’s heart that we are already at this new stage together!a wonderful trip to NC to visit good friends!!!

. . .. . .. . .. . .

So enjoyed looking at these! She’s growing up fast. I miss you.


yay! thanks for posting these even though its may ;)
love it.