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We returned minutes before the clock struck mid-night last night from our trip to NC to visit good friends! The traffic and rain added hours to the trip but it was worth the time to have spent with our friends! I came back refreshed and wanting to grow and be diligent to apply myself in the life God has given me. One of the areas that I would like to grow in and become more diligent is book reading! I know there are so many great books out there to read and if I gave myself 10-15 minutes a day, some books could get crossed off my book list! I want to read for fun and for learning. I confess, reading was never categorized as fun to me growing up! Just now, I am learning to find books that I enjoy. And not all of them are children’s books!

Months ago, when sitting on the floor in the photography aisle in Barnes and Nobel I flipped through Jose Villa new photography book. I skimmed some pages, and put it on the shelf as I knew I did not have time to read it!  I then received this book at Christmas and was so excited to read it during the house bound cold winter months! Well, I would like to blame it on the lack of winter as the reason why it has been sitting on my shelf above my desk. It is time to start giving 10 minutes a day to reading it! What books are on your list to read? What do you find fun to read? What are you reading? I would love to hear!


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Sally Krueger

I still have David McCullough’s “John Adams” sitting on my shelf (half read), Jane Austen’s “Emma” (half read) and Ann Voscamp’s “1000 Gifts” (1 chapter read). I can’t seem to read unless I’m on vacation and that only happens once a year! I do want to discipline myself to make time!! I’ve got American revolutionaries and an English matchmaker waiting patiently for me to pick them back up! :)

Amanda Austin Interiors: Baltimore, MD

Remember seeing the sneak peek of bright pink, touches of purple, and shades of yellow? This is a guest room that Amanda Austin designed for one of her clients in Baltimore Maryland. Amanda transformed this room with the understanding that the room needed to reflect who her client was as a woman. The bright pink color covered the walls  and added as a dramatic background for the white chandelier hanging from the ceiling! Yellow accents are throughout the room with the custom silk drapery, custom headboard for the bed, and the existing chair her client owned. Amanda works closely with each of her clients transforming spaces that truly reflects and honors them. This guest room was no different. This is an amazing gift that Amanda gives each of her clients! Enjoy!!! Happy Friday!!!



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[...] Guest Bedroom by Amanda Austin Interiors [...]

love the images! the color on the ceiling is awesome too – I don’t know if I would be brave enough to do it but I think I would try it!


beautifully photographed, jamie.

Too Many Frogs!

It’s Wednesday. For the last several months for me it has been storytime with Myla at the library. It ended last week; however I hope to still take her on Wednesdays. I am discovering how much I actually enjoy reading a good book. Well that is children’s books. This past week’s favorite has been Too Many Frogs! by Ann and John Hassett. As a parent I look for “teachable moments” or “life lessons” to share with Myla from the books. There will be a day when I will listen more, but for now it is teaching. The lessons serve me as good reminders too.

Nana Quimby has a problem. There too much water in her basement. Each neighborhood child attempts to come up with a solution with Nana Quimby’s water problem. In the end Nana Quimby ends up with the same problem she started with: a basement filled water again. Silly-right! Best ending for a children’s book, but the farthest solution in my books!

Now to relate this to photography and business…Each photography experience and business is different, and yet each has it own set of joys and struggles. After each shoot I take time to reflect on each experience. I want to learn and grow from my experiences, interactions, expectations, struggles, and challenges. This idea was reiterated when we went to theFIX with Jasmine Star in March. What does it look like practically to identify struggles? For me it is best if I write down what went well, what I could do differently for next time, what were struggles, what I learned about myself, and what would help with my client’s experience with me. This has been the way that I have learned since high school and through college. Write it out and rewrite it if I have too. Writing helps me remember. For this year, I got a new little notebook to keep my thoughts in. It is practical and it provides a tool for me to look back and remember the areas I want to grow in. Struggles are avenues for growth and growth is essential. I do not want to be a Nana Quimby and end up with the same problem that I experienced several pages before.




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Very nice new journal. I love journals. Writing for me is how I process my whole life, not just photography. I have a quote I love, “Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers” by Isaac Asimov. Photography and art really stem from my love of writing/books actually, which is cool. I should write a blog post about that. :)

Out of Love

“The denial of ambitions and the denial of inspirations in our life are not a penalty and are not a punishment from God.

It’s God defining our path for our walk.” Dave Harvey.

This is a quote from a message on contentment by Dave Harvey. It has been a message that has been good for my soul to hear over and over again over the last two years! It has helped me view this time of waiting as God defining my path, not a punishment. May this encourage your soul that God is defining your path step by step everyday out of love.



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Wow. I no sooner finished typing an fb comment about contentment on a conversation on my wall that your post came up in my feed ;o) Defining our path can be a painful process, but HIS strength is sufficient when we can’t see the glorious purpose ;o) And sometimes if we have more people to commiserate with us rather than speak words of life, it can be harder to see that!

Blessing to you on your path and below is the comment I was posting if you wanted to see the connection to my own thoughts…….

“2.5 yrs ago Jacob proposed that we maybe live in a camper while we built a house. I was completely resistant and adamant that i wasn’t going to put that type of stress and unhappiness on my family by living in such a confined space. 6 months later we were living in one full-time with no house-building in sight>>>and I was completely CONTENT and EXCITED about it. The Lord has been so faithful in renewing my mind for all types of seasons and challenges we undertake, as my outlook of JOY isn’t dependent on any situation, but through HIS strength. I’ve learned over the past couple of years in our camper living and Israel traveling that I am NOT owed hot water, or refrigeration, or privacy, or a washing machine (not listed under those ‘unalienable rights’) These things are all luxuries and I want myself and my children to be thankful for the days that we DO have them :o) Sorry for you troubles Tova, but our camper living is amazing (especially now that our new one has a SLIDEOUT!!!!) and we’ve said we’ll never go back to living in a house again. We create our children’s realities and I want them to know that OUR REALITY is that God loves us and we have EVERYTHING we need ;o)

I love living with less. I love having my husband around more. I love having my babies close. I love being free to go where the Lord wants us. The end. ;o)

Thanks for sharing, Jamie.

Another sneak peek of Amanda Austins Interiors: Leesburg

How is it Friday already again? It was this time last week that I had the privilege to work with Amanda of Amanda Austin Interiors! There are many images to share, but for now here is another sneak peek of Master Suite which includes the  master bedroom, sitting room, and bathroom! To see the other sneak peek click here. I love walking into a new room and taking it all in before setting up the tripod and lighting equipment. Each of Amanda’s rooms are layered with details and softness that creates peaceful places for her clients! The rooms are truly transformed by her magic, well really her talent. Enjoy and I hope your weekend is peaceful!! Happy Friday!





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