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The Holga is unpredictable and that is expected knowledge when shooting with this “toy” camera. It was created in 1982 in Hong Kong. The Holga is a plastic camera that uses medium format 120 film to capture your images.   The Holga knows no rules and is quite simple. There are two light settings, four focusing modes and two shutter speeds options for the Holga. Yet each click of an image will lend different results. You must embrace the random results produced with the Holga. I admit I am growing in embracing and loving the random results. There can be times when only one or two images turn out on the roll of film; however those images are cherished! There is something I love about dropping off film, waiting for the film to be developed, and the anticipation of seeing the results of each image. I confess one of the biggest reason I love the Holga is having the images in print form. Too many digital images stay on a disc or computer and this is sad to me (I’m guilty of this too and yet working towards printing more of my favorites!) I also love the five by five square composition of the prints. I received my Holga in 2010 and I decided I wanted to incorporate the Holga images into my wedding portfolio. These images can even be made into canvas wraps!! I can promise that each Holga image will be different and individual!! Enjoy the Holga images that I took from last year’s weddings!!


 Tyler and Allan’s Wedding

Jenna and Alex’s Wedding

Nikolina and Shane’s Wedding

Cassie and John’s Wedding

Meredith and Joe’s Wedding


Hi Jamie,

Nice post and examples of what Holga’s can do. You might want to check out our blog and store for the latest in Holga happenings. We’re also running a facebook photo contest at the moment with some great prizes so do check us out there too!

Keep up the good work and Vive le Film!

Rick @ HolgaDirect

Very fun! I love film to and I loved the year I took b/w photography in college and got to develop it myself in the black room. At the time, developing in the black room was my favorite part of the photography process. So magical!

Oh man, this just makes me want one even more! I LOVE FILM. Any type of film will make me happy, but B&W makes me the happiest.

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