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Contax 645

This has been a long process to get my hands on a Contax 645, but it has been worth the effort and the wait. I received it in the mail two days before we left for St. Lucia. I was busy with my sister’s shower and I did not even have time to look at it. I unpacked the box and repacked my Think Tank to accommodate the Contax’s body and lens. I made sure the manual was packed in my carry on for some reading on the plane. Once I arrive in St. Lucia I gave myself a day and half to take in my surroundings and think about how and what I wanted to documented from our trip. As Lyndon went on a scuba dive I headed up all the steps back to our villa and sat on the porch with the manual and the roll of film I wanted to load. I had a weak wifi signal but the connection allowed me to watch a you tube video of how to load the 120 film into the Contax. If you remember the first time I loaded the film into the AE-1 I did it completely wrong and no photographs were taken. I wanted to make sure this time I got it right. I was over cautious and about an hour and half later I closed the back and the film advanced to 1. It was loaded! Here is my first roll of film through the Contax.

I did not use an external light meter for this roll of film. I hope to get one. I did over exposure each image.

I used Fuji Film Pro 400H 120. You get 16 photographs with 120 film.

I used THE FIND LAB for developing and scanning the negatives.

They were awesome to work with, timely and helpful with my newbie questions.

I did not edit any of these images, which makes me happy to spend less time behind the computer.

I also took along the Canon AE-1.

I shot Kodak Professional Portra 160 35mm film. It was a roll of 36.

Here are the images from this camera.

The internal light meter does not work on the camera so I did a combination of estimating settings and using my digital to check.

Again these images are not edited!

Above that is Lyndon walking on the beach!

Cindy Neumann

Beautiful pictures…you are quite the talent…thanks for sharing…


Beautiful clear pictures…you are quite a talent…thanks for sharing…

I just got my Contax 645 a few months ago. I love it! It really helps you slow down and enjoy the moment rather than ripping off a couple hundred digital images that you’ll just delete down the road. Love the photos!

Gorgeous!!! What a fun thing to finally have working for you!!! Congrats!!! xo

Good job, Jamie! These are beautiful!

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