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Time Away: St. Lucia

Once we were married and about to have a baby, there was one piece of that was often repeated: Make sure you make time to get away. You agree with the person and nod your headed up and down. Of course you will make time for the two of you, why wouldn’t you?  Some how the business of life and the time to plan a getaway becomes harder. You have to think about vacation time off, who will watch the little one, the planning and organizing a trip, the saving for the trip, organizing school schedule, and packing. However; time away together will not happen unless you make it happen. No one can make it happen for you. While Lyndon and I both agreed whole heartily it was important to get away the two of us, we too found that life is busy and its hard to carve out the time to get away.

This year for Christmas Lyndon surprised me with a trip. A trip just for the two of us away! I was so excited! Then we began to have to plan and get the trip set on the calendar. We chose Ti Kaye in St. Lucia based off our travel agent’s recommendation when we asked for an off the beaten path secluded resort.  For us this was the first time in five years (since Myla was born) that we had time away together. Of course we have had an overnight tonight without Myla; but not time to unwind, unplug, and to fully relax together for an extended period of time with no responsibilities. I would have never thought that we would grow to love the beach so much. We go with the plan of doing nothing but sit at the beach all day every day with a good book and uninterrupted conversation. We did not leave the resort and go exploring, we enjoyed the quietness of the resort and the sunshine on the beach and delicious meals. The perfect combination for us. It was worth all the planning and scheduling to make this time for us. Being a mother your mind is filled with responsibilities of your child or children and your home. Being away from these responsibilities allowed me to give my full attention to my husband without interruptions. It also gave me time to myself and space to think. I would encourage you to do the same, make time for the two of you. If you want a secluded, eco-friendly resort in St. Lucia, this place is for you to get away and have no responsibilities. ENJOY!!!


our villa for the week.It was also called GG for short. It means “all dressed up”One of the features of our room was an outdoor shower.the view from our porch.The dining room area.there is about 162 steps going down from  the main lobby to the beach. I evening we headed to the beach for some pictures. my husband was kind to go along with me.the sun set early here too which surprised me.i was expecting later.

dinner was always after the sun had set so there are no pictures of us dressed up or the amazing food they served.

a morning at the spa helped me relax even more and was such a treat.

This was the restaurant where lunch was served. Not a bad view at all.

Lyndon went scuba diving while I ….

head up to our porch to read the manual and load the first roll of film in my new Contax.

the path from our villa to the main restaurant where we ate breakfast and dinner.

we learned the first day that once you have any food at your seat you do not leave or the birds will have your meal.

omelet, fresh fruit, local grapefruit juice, coffee and a beautiful view.

this was the most beautiful intensive sunset, so rich with color.our last morning we spent a few hours at the beach soaking up every last drop of sunshine…And on the way to the airport we took the road west (there are only two roads) and we got to see the Pitons-the classic landmark.


it looks like heaven on earth! so glad you could get away and spend quality time with your husband 😉

Wow, what a gorgeous and relaxing looking place! To be honest, the Caribbean islands have never appealed to me, however these pictures have changed my mind! Perhaps because what’s in my mind is Sandal’s commercials, lol!

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