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Baby David

There tends not to be many surprises in life. When their son David decided to arrive a month early; however  it was a surprise to both Ashlee and Dale.  They welcomed the surprise of their son and their family grew to four. David was only seven days old when I met him. He was peacefully asleep and snuggled up in a warm blanket during most of the photo shoot. His blonde-redish hair, the littlest of fingers, and beautiful complexion all added to the reality that had arrived and now part of their family. His big sister Allison also joined us for for the family pictures. She was so gentle and curious too as she sat next to her little brother. Allison sweet countenance towards her brother was full of love. I loved watching her looks and seeing her smiles towards her new brother. Dale and Ashlee, thank you again for allowing me to be a part of capturing David’s newness and your family of four together. ENJOY!!!



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