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Baby Allison

It was last week right after we had the winter storm of the year burying the ground some twelve inches below that I meet Baby Allison. She was less then a week old. Allison’s parents were one of my first couples who asked me to capture their wedding several years ago. They contacted me not knowing if I photograph newborns. It is an honor to continue to document their love and family as it now has grown from two to three. I could not say no.

There is something about the first week of a newborn’s life that is simple, sweet, and full of amazement. As parents you wait months for their arrival and then one day they are now here in your arms. You are memorized by their little finger, coos, eyes opening, and sweet smiles. Allison’s arrival has her parents captivated and full attention. Allison was both alert and awake and by the end our time together she fell fast asleep in her daddy’s arm. She was pure sweetness. Dale and Ashlee, thank you for allowing me to capture your little’s girls newness and your love for her in her first days with you. May you have these photographs to look back and marvel at the little girl she once was and be amazed at who she becomes in the years ahead!

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