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two years

It started out with a desire that was hidden. A desire buried deep within my heart unbeknownst to me. Guard by fears. Patience and encouragement by my husband gave my desire to learn photography an opportunity. This opportunity created a space for me to grow. And in growing a business was born. This was two years ago. Two years ago jamie d photography became an official llc business this month. I have written about my photography journey and how it all started. You can read it here.

I must first thank God for being the one who guides and directs our steps. I also thank God for giving me an amazing husband to live this life out with. He is the one God chose for me. I am so thankful that Lyndon understands me and knows me well. He knew the balance of patience, giving me space to practice, and watching me fail, learn, and grow and when to encourage and push me in a direction. This takes love. Over these growing years I am thankful for his love and kindness towards me. I am thankful for this unexpected gift he has given me.

These two years of photographing love, design, life, interiors, and the everyday would not be if not for my amazing clients. Each one of you who are willing to step in front of my camera, thank you! Each one of you who are willing for me to capture your design work, thank you! I want to express how grateful I am for each one of you! Thank you for your trust. Thank you for your support. I know each person has been put in my path for a plan and purpose. Each one of you inspires me with your life, creativity, design and love. It is an honor to photograph your lives and work. My heart is full! Thank you!!!

And if you read this or any part of my blog, thank you! Thank you for taking the time! Thank you for your support and comments of encouragement! I read them! I am thankful that I love what I do. I love creating and capturing moments that reflect the beauty in which we were made. So, today is the first ever give away on the blog…these are my favorite push pins from Anthr0pologie!!! Leave a comment of one thing that you are thankful for and a random person will be chosen and revealed on Monday! ENJOY!!!


Silly, but I’m thankful for my little D40. It’s easy to compare and want bigger and better but it has allowed me to have my own small photography journey.
Congrats on 2 years, Jamie. I love all your work!!

wow these are lovely and so are you! thank you so much for sharing and being so encouraging to those around you – I’m thankful to call you a friend!


I’m thankful for you Jamie, and that we were so blessed to have such a wonderful wedding photographer to freeze all those wonderful moments from the most amazing day of my life…..THANK YOU!

I am thankful for the chance to be a late bloomer! The chance to find my vocation (albeit in my mid-30’s…we won’t say late-30’s… yet). And so thankful for the fellow photographers (like you!) who have willingly shared their journeys, their mistakes, their triumphs…all in an effort to make this profession more of a community and to pass on lessons learned! I am SO thankful for that!

I am thankful for summertime sunshine. It soothes me soul! :) Love your blog and love your work. Beautiful.

Pat Rozow

Congrats Jamie. U have a beautiful gift from God. It has been a pleasure watching you grow. I am thankful for my children’s cousins in their lives.

Those push-pins are utterly charming! I’m thankful for the new season God has us in with my husband’s new job and starting homeschooling in the fall!

Becky Howell

I am thankful for Christ’s amazing work in my life. It’s startling to think of where I would be without his great mercy on my life. Congrats on 2 years!

Kara Miller

I am thankful for summer foods!


congrats on TWO YEARS, friend! you’re doing such an amazing job w/ your business! i am thankful for God’s grace…my hubby… family…good friends. xoxo

Shannon Odell

I am thankful for a constant family who has loved me for 21 years.

Happy 2 years! I am thankful for the Lords steadfastness, even when I falter and fail, He remains.


I’m thankful today for God’s gift of modern medicine and skilled professionals who care for my children.


:) so many, not soapy:)


I’m thankful to have found an amazing photographer to capture one of the most important moments of my life. She’s the kindest soul, and has an amazing calm about her. I’m blessed to have found someone who loves photographs as I do; it reminds me of my father, it brings back soapy great memories. Thank you Jamie.


I am thankful to have gained such an amazing sister and mentor in YOU, jamie d.!! :) xo

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