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Two of Twelve

February. The shortest month of the year. I never spell this month right on the first time. And it’s the month that football ends. At least it ended well this season with the Raven winning the Super Bowl. We love watching football on Sunday afternoons with a fire going in the fireplace. This is the month that I wanted and hope forĀ  snow. We only dusted with snow that barely covered the grass a few times. Ans yet, February is also the month when I begin to look forward to spring. It’s the month of chocolate, flowers, and love. We grabbed our two of twelve this year on Valentine’s morning as we headed out the door for Pre-K. We had a lovely day celebrating together, continuing traditions, and making pretzels. ENJOY!!!

you need some chap stick if you are going to KISS a cow!a favorite chocolate treat from Trader Joe’s!Thanks to pinterest for this simple decorating tip and to my mom brought me flowers!Strawberry milkshake with lunch: our traditional egg salad sandwich in a heart shape..

Thanks to a good friend we used this pretzel recipe. You can find it here. (I used half whole wheat and half white flour)

and one picture on the self timer of me and my girl!


Awesome Post! Love is worth celebrating and you guys are bursting with it. thanks for sharing a part of your secret life as a family.

Very fun. I love Valentine’s Day! And the Gov’t Mule we didn’t get to try the one time we went to Woodberry’s because they didn’t have the ingredients! We’ll have to go back to try it!

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