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Too Many Frogs!

It’s Wednesday. For the last several months for me it has been storytime with Myla at the library. It ended last week; however I hope to still take her on Wednesdays. I am discovering how much I actually enjoy reading a good book. Well that is children’s books. This past week’s favorite has been Too Many Frogs! by Ann and John Hassett. As a parent I look for “teachable moments” or “life lessons” to share with Myla from the books. There will be a day when I will listen more, but for now it is teaching. The lessons serve me as good reminders too.

Nana Quimby has a problem. There too much water in her basement. Each neighborhood child attempts to come up with a solution with Nana Quimby’s water problem. In the end Nana Quimby ends up with the same problem she started with: a basement filled water again. Silly-right! Best ending for a children’s book, but the farthest solution in my books!

Now to relate this to photography and business…Each photography experience and business is different, and yet each has it own set of joys and struggles. After each shoot I take time to reflect on each experience. I want to learn and grow from my experiences, interactions, expectations, struggles, and challenges. This idea was reiterated when we went to theFIX with Jasmine Star in March. What does it look like practically to identify struggles? For me it is best if I write down what went well, what I could do differently for next time, what were struggles, what I learned about myself, and what would help with my client’s experience with me. This has been the way that I have learned since high school and through college. Write it out and rewrite it if I have too. Writing helps me remember. For this year, I got a new little notebook to keep my thoughts in. It is practical and it provides a tool for me to look back and remember the areas I want to grow in. Struggles are avenues for growth and growth is essential. I do not want to be a Nana Quimby and end up with the same problem that I experienced several pages before.




Very nice new journal. I love journals. Writing for me is how I process my whole life, not just photography. I have a quote I love, “Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers” by Isaac Asimov. Photography and art really stem from my love of writing/books actually, which is cool. I should write a blog post about that. :)

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