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time away

I look forward to our time away each year as a family. Traveling and making memories together is what I love the most. This year it was California. I can not believe we left two weeks ago. Here is one picture from our trip and a short story. We were walking up to a small overlook point to see the Golden Gate Bridge a little closer. Myla was a few steps ahead of us on the path. She stops and turns around exclaiming, “This is breath taking!” Where she learned this, I do not know, but she was right on cue. I can not wait to share more pictures and stories from our trip. Myla even took a few picture of Lyndon and I together. She was too cute holding the camera up that covered most of her face. Have a wonderful weekend!


Jamie that is beautiful! I was so excited to see your website. . . it is great! :-)

Jamie, this shot is amazing. We were very close to this same place a few years ago. Bummer for us it was so foggy that day we could hardly see the bridge. Isn’t San Fran. just gorgeous??

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