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today I celebrate another year of living. another year of exercising my faith.

another year of using my gifts for God’s glory. another year having my roots grow deep. another year of dreaming and hoping.

another year loving.

another year of documenting the details of the everyday.

(thank you Myla for taking these pictures of me)


Celebrating with you for the wonderful gift of another year of life and the gift of life within you! So grateful for both.
Great pics, Myla D!!


aw, love these photos of you Jamie–they make me so happy. can’t help but smile, picturing Myla shooting these of you. how special. its sweet that she’s learning from you young, how to get good pics! :-) what a wonderful part to celebrating your birthday this uear, with your little baby on the way!

So pretty and so exciting to see your tummy growing! What an exciting year this must be for you. And your gardens are lovely too. Happy birthday!


Jamie -you are absolutely stunning! Beautiful pictures by Myla. Can’t wait to meet your sweet little boy!

Laura Patterson

you look so stunning all preggers! and myla is turning into quite a little photographer…love these. you’re beautiful jamie…so thankful for you!!

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