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The Odell Family

Tuesday was bright and sunny and yet the car temperature read 28 degrees. I was driving down to the southern part Lancaster for my family session with the Odell Family. I loved that they decided their home as the location for their family shoot. They live in an old farm house which is very similar to our farmhouse with the two front doors. I love the feel, character, and history of old farm houses that cover Lancaster County landscape. Their home is warm and welcoming. The Odell’s are a family that I love and adore how they all seven of them love being together as a family. The care and support they give to one another is an example and inspiring to me. Their conversations are sweet and there is laughing and joking carrying on in between shots of them together. I so enjoyed my time with you all and thank you for coming out into the cold for one more shot! And then for one more shot! Thank you for allowing me to freeze these moments for your family while everyone is together in your home.

We took several family portraits inside before we braved the cold and the wind.

Their home is filled with fresh baked breads and veggies from their garden in the summer time.

I love these shots of the girls in the kitchen together!

I love this picture, a mother with her children.

Think of all the memories that have been created from each one of them being a part of their family.

I love this one of you Abby!

I love how each sibling express their own interest and decided to include them in a shot!

How many times have they traveled up the steps to the walk way that leads them to their home. . .

Thank you for coming out in 28 degrees for this one more shot! It is my favorite!

 And one of me with my friend, Shannon!


EA Odell

These are wonderful. I know we will treasure these for the years to come. Thanks for capturing the details of our home. I love your line about sitting on our brick walk, the one we’ve traveled up to the walk way that leads to our home. . .

Yeah!! Love the Odells!

What a fun shoot! And what a beautiful farmhouse. I grew up in farmhouses so I definitely have a “thing” for them. :)

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