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the first day

I knew this day would come. From the moment Myla was born I heard from every parent say,  “time flies”. I could not agree more with those words today. Myla started Pre-K. Myla headed out our door with her new back pack, her favorite polka dotted dress, new flip flops, painted pink toes, and her hair braided. A new journey begins for her and me. I’m so excited for her to go, learn, meet new friends, explore and grow in who God created her to be. Last week she tried to convince me that she did not need to go to Pre- K because she already knows the alphabet and can count to 30. She negotiated well with her points and if I heard them this morning I might have agreed with her and kept her home with me. Yes, there were tears. Tears from a momma heart of trying to believe that we are really at this next stage of life, reflecting on all the love you have for your child, and that time really has passed. This is the next step we will take together.


Great pictures! Her backpack is so big on her! I love the ones of her with the two of you, very cute.

Awww, I hope the day will be kind to you both.


Myla is going to have the BEST first day of school pics ever!

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