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Ten of Twelve

This month we had one Saturday morning that was open and not filled with a soccer game. I marked our calendar for apple picking and hoped that Cameo Apples would be ready for u-pick up at Weaver’s Farm. I like making memories and traditions as a family. This was one memory that I wanted to make together before our family turned to four (which could have had happened at the end of this month). I was so thankful when I learned they were ready to be picked as they are our favorite and are worth the wait. With all the rain we had the two days prior to this Saturday I was happily surprised to see blue sky and even the sun make an appearance on our trip. After picking all the other fruit this summer apple picking is by far the easiest and quickest!

apple picking_985

The self timer continues to capture most of our family pictures.

It has me setting up the camera and me walking as fast as I can to get in the picture.

Ten seconds seems to go much faster when you are picking_972apple picking_973apple picking_974apple picking_975apple picking_976These two were taken by Myla for us!apple picking_977apple picking_978apple picking_979apple picking_980apple picking_981

And these two were also taken by Myla. She suggested I put my hand in my pocket.

And below I was taking a picture of her with the camera, and she decided to take a picture of picking_983

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