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Sneak peek: Adalie and AJ wedding


so many more to come…


Oh Jamie- these are just gorgeous! You are so talented, friend! :)

gorgeous! I love the jacket she wore too something you don’t often see!

They are absolutely stunning! I can’t wait to see more.


These are so pretty, can’t wait to see the rest, Jamie!!

Gina Plain

You did a great job! You are so warm and friendly and yet professional….and know all the tricks to get folks to give you a good shot. Can’t wait to see more!! Loved the 2nd shooters too (Tina and Chaucee).


absolutely gorgeous! can’t wait to see more, jamie!

I love that overhead shot!

My dream was always to be married in my folks’ back yard, barefoot with daisies in my hair just like this beautiful bride. But, I married an “uptown” guy with much different tastes. :) We’re learning to meet in the middle. So, maybe by our 30th, we’ll do the wedding I wanted. 😉

Woooo pretty! Can’t wait to see more!!!


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