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Six of Twelve

I was thinking about taking our family picture earlier this month but totally forgot about it as the weeks have flown bye.  How are we half way through this year already?! If you have forgotten yours this month do not worry, you have five more days to get one. I was editing images  from our day trip to the beach this past weekend and discovered that we did take one of the three of us. Perfect, it will work for this month’s family snapshot. We had a wonderful day trip sitting on the beach, playing in the sand, and catching up with great friends from college. The three oldest children all played together all day long! We loved our summer beach day with them.

Myla played all day at the beach! She loved the sand and loved the water too, though cold.

And one group picture together before we drove home and one picture their two oldest boys with Myla.

Isn’t the beach the best?? Your photos are stunning!

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