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jamie d

I am a wedding and architectural photographer living in Lancaster, PA. I am a wife to the man of my dreams and my best friend. I am a mother of our three year old daughter, Myla. She is truly a gift of mercy to us. Photography is my hidden dream, brought to life through the support and inspiration of my amazing husband. It has brought me unexpected joy.

Taking pictures allows me to remember everyday moments and details that can get overlooked. To slow down and be present. To be thankful for the love of family and others that surround me. To pause and see the beauty in creativity and design. This is what I love to capture for each person through my photography.  I want to capture you, your work, your family and your experiences in a way that allows you to see the beauty in which you were created.

Some of my favorites things include. . .  my husband, my family, our local church Crossway, camping, freshly baked bread, picking strawberries in the summer, reminiscing, my friends, camping, holding hands with my husband, bare feet, sidewalks, dancing in the kitchen with my daughter, wildflowers, traveling, playing in a stream on a hot summer day, dark chocolate, throwing a Frisbee, picnics, snowboarding, summer evening sun, remodeling projects on our farm house, the idea of reading a book and of course taking pictures!

I was lost and wandering far from God. Yet He chose to love me and save me. He created me. He knows my frame. He is the one leading, guiding, and directing my steps. Everyday. God’s grace has allowed me to know and experience the freedom to enjoy my life right where I am, no matter if it is sunny or pouring down rain. This is my greatest joy.

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Aww!!! I have never seen this part of your site and it is perfectly…YOU! Such talent! Love it!!!

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