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It used to come easy to me. It was part of my everyday throughout high school and college.  I did not have to think about it. I enjoyed it and loved being in shape. Some time upon college graduation, working full time, and having a daughter running did not come easy any more. It was not a part of my daily routine and I did not want to think about it.  We were living a healthy lifestyle, yet my heart never got a work out.

Naturally, the older I become the more often I think about my childhood and all that my parents did for me and with me. My dad would run with me during pre-season for soccer in high school. We ran up hills and downhills on trails, and for miles. He was never behind or slower then me. As I thought of this I wanted to be able to do this with Myla too. This motivated me a year ago (yesterday-because I am type A and I love dates and numbers) to start running. My goal was to get out the door. I am thankful that I have stuck with this goal, though in December and January the times have been limited, I am working to get out the door several times a week. I wish I could say that I have found a new love, but that is not true. What I do love is dreaming about the day Myla and I could run together.

(When my sister is around we run together after she runs several miles first!)

I hear ya! I actually did well until I had Sophia. Having kids with different schedules/naps is what’s hard now. I’m trying to get back on track. I’m not able to get out the door, but am trying to do a dvd workout at least twice a week.

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