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A traditional house was given an sophisticated and fresh design by Amanda Austin through color, heirlooms, and textures. This month’s HOME&DESIGN magazine published this home designed by Amanda Austin of Amanda Austin Interiors. The home is located outside of historic Williamsburg, VA and is filled with natural light. Amanda works closely with the home owners ensuring the house would become personal and a home to her clients. One way Amanda adds personal touches to the home is by selectively re-uses keepsakes and heirloom pieces that are important to her clients and incorporates the pieces. This is what she did in this Williamsburg home. As a photographer working with Amanda Austin my desire and goal is to capture the beauty and splendor that she designed in each room. In each photograph I know that there have been many hours of designing and selecting colors, wall covering, furniture, rugs, artwork to create a space that is personal to each of her clients. It is thrilling to have my name next to her work. Thank you HOME&DESIGN for publishing this beautiful home for others to enjoy! Make sure you get your copy or you can read the article here.


Amanda Austin Interiors
1020 S. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
p. 443.759.6177
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