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This Ritz Carlton apartment on the Inner Harbor was transformed by designer Charlene of Cashmere Interior room by room. The rooms are classic, sophisticated, with touches of sparkle which create a timeless look. Each room’s color palette enhances the natural light and the city views. You can read more about Charlene’s design process and her client experience here. Many thanks to HOME&DESIGN for publishing this beautiful distinguished Baltimore residence.

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Charlene Petersen

Cashmere Interior
2201 Old Court Road,
Brooklandville, MD 21208

p: 410.878.0043

f: 410.878.0307

fb: Cashmere Interior

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Elizabeth Reich: Greenspring Valley Residence

It was my first offical interior shoot back since having our son. As I arrived in Maryland and began to set up my equipment, I openly confessed to designer Elizabeth Reich that I felt like it was the first day of school for me. Would I remember my settings, would I be able to capture each detail that I pre-visualized in my mind, would my nerves subside? Once the camera was set up and I took a look through the viewfinder, my nerves subsided. Elizabeth had supported me through this new transition and has graciously waited for me to photograph her design work. I was thankful to be back behind the camera photographing her beautiful design work in this Maryland Residence. The spaces below are rooms filled with color, layers, textures that all have beauty and purpose designed by Elizabeth. It was a great way to start back and thankfully I did remember everything. Enjoy the Study, Guest Room, and Master Bedroom!!!

Elizabeth Reich_191The Study: Originally the walls were painted white with white built-ins.

This space had to be a place were her client could both work and relax.

Elizabeth Reich_192The indigo grasscloth on the walls and the rich color now on the built ins

creates a cozy and masculine touch to the study.Elizabeth Reich_196The English flag was Elizabeth’s client and wanted it visible as he could see

it every day as a reminder of his home.Elizabeth Reich_201Elizabeth Reich_193Elizabeth Reich_194Elizabeth Reich_195Elizabeth Reich_197The London map over the sofa actually shows the street where the client grew up.Elizabeth Reich_198This deep Chesterfield sofa is a comfortable place for him to read and relax.

Elizabeth Reich_200Elizabeth Reich_199

Elizabeth Reich_185The Guest Room: This rooms was the smallest of the three.

Elizabeth made the most of it by adding a queen size bed.Elizabeth Reich_188The lavender walls and green accents came from the selection of

drapery panels which are a Morris& Co. fabric.Elizabeth Reich_187Elizabeth Reich_190The clients previously own the bedside tables.Elizabeth Reich_189

Elizabeth Reich_203The Master Bedroom: It was to be a place that gives the feel of a serene retreat.

The calming colors of pale blues, greys, cream and golds do exactly that.

The walls are covered in a Phillip Jefferies metallic grasscloth in a steel grey color.Elizabeth Reich_204The corner reading chair creates a cozy place to read by the fireplace.Elizabeth Reich_205Elizabeth and her clients changed the fireplace by adding mouldings

that were not there and creating a spot for the television.Elizabeth Reich_206A significant feature to the bedroom is the drapery.

The decision to take them behind and across the bed created the

dramatic backdrop for their upholstered headboard.Elizabeth Reich_207Elizabeth Reich_208Elizabeth Reich_209Elizabeth Reich_210Elizabeth Reich_214Both bedside pieces are different and yet feel good together.Elizabeth Reich_211Elizabeth has her clients select the artwork.

It becomes more personal and allows for a space to become alive.Elizabeth Reich_212Elizabeth Reich_213

Contact: Elizabeth Reich

Jenkins Baer Associates
24 West Chase Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Phone: 410.727.4100
Fax: 410.727.4130

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Baby Allison

It was last week right after we had the winter storm of the year burying the ground some twelve inches below that I meet Baby Allison. She was less then a week old. Allison’s parents were one of my first couples who asked me to capture their wedding several years ago. They contacted me not knowing if I photograph newborns. It is an honor to continue to document their love and family as it now has grown from two to three. I could not say no.

There is something about the first week of a newborn’s life that is simple, sweet, and full of amazement. As parents you wait months for their arrival and then one day they are now here in your arms. You are memorized by their little finger, coos, eyes opening, and sweet smiles. Allison’s arrival has her parents captivated and full attention. Allison was both alert and awake and by the end our time together she fell fast asleep in her daddy’s arm. She was pure sweetness. Dale and Ashlee, thank you for allowing me to capture your little’s girls newness and your love for her in her first days with you. May you have these photographs to look back and marvel at the little girl she once was and be amazed at who she becomes in the years ahead!

baby A_132baby A_133baby A_134baby A_135baby A_136baby A_137baby A_138baby A_139baby A_140baby A_141baby A_142baby A_143baby A_144baby A_145baby A_146baby A_147baby A_148baby A_150baby A_151baby A_149

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It was my last photo shoot before I left on maternity leave in 2013. The kitchen that I had the honor to photographed was completely transformed by designer Jay Jenkins of Jenkins Baer Associates. Jay worked with the Baltimore homeowners to update their home starting with the kitchen. Jay turned the traditional kitchen into a modern, fresh, and spacious place for entertaining. Lyndon of Lyndon Heath Cabinetry worked with Jay Jenkins creating the new appearance of the existing cabinetry. HOME&DESIGN selected this modern kitchen designed by Jay to be featured in their January/February issue as one of their dream kitchens. You can read the article online here. Congratulations to both Jay Jenkins and Lyndon Sentz for the collaboration of this newly designed modern kitchen.



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Kylan: five days old

The first week I spent time time holding, snuggling, feeding, changing diapers, photographing newness, and marveling at the reality and gift that the Lord had given us a son. It was a change of pace from the last days even months before he came when I was busy working on finishing the to do list. However, now that Kylan arrived everything stopped. It was time to be still. As deep as of the loss and pain that I experienced over the last four years of wrestling and waiting on the Lord, in his timing he has now given me deep love and great joy in this miracle of life. Through the waiting the Lord has also graciously has given me a deep peace and confidence knowing that walks with us, plans each of our steps and rules over all things. My heart is filled with love for Kylan and only know that it was the Lord who sustained him and gave him to us. I am thankful that I am given this gift to experience new life in our life again. Knowing how quickly newborns change and grow I was ready to photograph Kylan in hopes to remember his newness, tiny yawns, his small hands and feet that kicked inside of me, his sweet round cheeks, and how much his big sister loves having a brother. The first week always seems to go by too fast for my heart and these images will always allow me to reminiscence of the days that could not go slow enough. (These were all taken with my Contax, 120 Fuji Pro 400H and developed and scanned by the FIND LAB.) ENJOY!!!


kylan-film_062kylan-film_074kylan-film_063kylan-film_064kylan-film_066kylan-film_065kylan film_115kylan-film_067

kylan film_116kylan film_117kylan-film_065


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