Lyndon Heath Cabinetry: new website

After a year of planning, discussing, designing, and photographing projects I am filled with excitement to announce that Lyndon Heath Cabinetry has a new website! This project has been brought to life through Lyndon’s vision to reflect his custom cabinetry company, the detail of his craftsmanship, the process his clients will experience, and display current completed projects. The projects completed and photographed have been a team collaboration of the finest designers, architects, and builders that Lyndon Heath Cabinetry has the privilege of working with. We are thankful for the trust of those in the industry as well as the clients who trust Lyndon Heath Cabinetry to deliver custom cabinetry for their homes. Deb Wagner of dstripe is the person behind the scene who needs to be acknowledged and thanked for her design ability to take concepts and create this new custom website. Please take time to explore this new site! ENJOY!!!

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_028

Explore and be inspired by some of the newly completed projects.

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_029

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Instragrams: October

This month of October was filled with daily to do list as it was the last full month before our little boy arrives. (I know you are thinking, Jamie it’s November, but I wrote this post in October.) Things that are on my the list are the things that have been on my mind for months and just keep getting put off. You feel like when the baby is going to arrive everything stops and yet you know that this is not the reality. If we run out of something we really are only 5 minutes from a grocery store and a Target. I was trying to be prepared if he arrived early like his sister at 37 weeks. I’m now in 38 and thankful for the extra time to get a meal in the freezer, finish blogging all my photo shoots from this year, stocking the pantry, writing in his baby book (you know to be fair to the second child), and enjoying every little kick I feel. This month has seemed to go bye faster then the last, though I look forward to this November more than any other as it will mean we will sometime meet our son. We have been waiting a long time for him.

October Instagram_990

a foggy morning in LancasterOctober Instagram_991

Lunch with my girl.October Instagram_992

The crib was set up early in October thanks to my husband and Myla.October Instagram_993

A new part of my morning routine: raspberry leaf and nettle tea.

October Instagram_994Apple picking at Weaver that ended with eating apple cider donuts!October Instagram_995

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