Instragrams: October

This month of October was filled with daily to do list as it was the last full month before our little boy arrives. (I know you are thinking, Jamie it’s November, but I wrote this post in October.) Things that are on my the list are the things that have been on my mind for months and just keep getting put off. You feel like when the baby is going to arrive everything stops and yet you know that this is not the reality. If we run out of something we really are only 5 minutes from a grocery store and a Target. I was trying to be prepared if he arrived early like his sister at 37 weeks. I’m now in 38 and thankful for the extra time to get a meal in the freezer, finish blogging all my photo shoots from this year, stocking the pantry, writing in his baby book (you know to be fair to the second child), and enjoying every little kick I feel. This month has seemed to go bye faster then the last, though I look forward to this November more than any other as it will mean we will sometime meet our son. We have been waiting a long time for him.

October Instagram_990

a foggy morning in LancasterOctober Instagram_991

Lunch with my girl.October Instagram_992

The crib was set up early in October thanks to my husband and Myla.October Instagram_993

A new part of my morning routine: raspberry leaf and nettle tea.

October Instagram_994Apple picking at Weaver that ended with eating apple cider donuts!October Instagram_995

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Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Assoicates: Park Heights Avenue Residence

My last interior photo shoot for this year ended in this newly remodeled Park Heights residence. It was the perfect way to end this year’s shooting. Jay Jenkins of Jenkins Baer invited Lyndon Sentz  of Lyndon Heath Cabinetry to be a part of the design and build process for this project. The client desired to modernize their existing home. This inspiration lead to building an addition for the new kitchen as well as moving current spaces to new locations within the home to create a unity between function, layout, and design.

The final project designed by Jay is modern, clean, simple, and inviting. Being in this home was inspiring and truly beautiful seeing the all the design elements in person. The natural light flooded the Kitchen and the Great Room. These rooms are connect by two steps and create openness and a natural flow between the two rooms. The layers, colors, textures, and details in each photograph speak for themselves. Below are also photographs of the powder room, and her closet. ENJOY!!!

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_863

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_864Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_865Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_866Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_867Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_869Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_870Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_871Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_872Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_873Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_868Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_874Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_875Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_969

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_876

From the kitchen you take several steps down and enter the Great Room.

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_877Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_878Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_880Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_889Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_881Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_882Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_883Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_884Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_885Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_886

Custom built in shelves by Lyndon Heath CabinetryLyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_887Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_888Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_890Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_892Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_891Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_893Below is one last photograph looking back into the kitchen!Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_894Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_895The Powder Room: the floating vanity creates simple and clean lines.Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_896Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_897

Her closet: I love the black and white color scheme continued upstairs and the color behind each of the shelves.Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_900Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_898Lyndon Heath Cabinetry and Jenkins Baer Associates_899

Lyndon Sentz

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry


Connect: facebook, houzz

Jay Jenkins

Jenkins Baer Associates
24 West Chase Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Phone: 410.727.4100
Fax: 410.727.4130

Connect: facebook, houzz

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Ten of Twelve

This month we had one Saturday morning that was open and not filled with a soccer game. I marked our calendar for apple picking and hoped that Cameo Apples would be ready for u-pick up at Weaver’s Farm. I like making memories and traditions as a family. This was one memory that I wanted to make together before our family turned to four (which could have had happened at the end of this month). I was so thankful when I learned they were ready to be picked as they are our favorite and are worth the wait. With all the rain we had the two days prior to this Saturday I was happily surprised to see blue sky and even the sun make an appearance on our trip. After picking all the other fruit this summer apple picking is by far the easiest and quickest!

apple picking_985

The self timer continues to capture most of our family pictures.

It has me setting up the camera and me walking as fast as I can to get in the picture.

Ten seconds seems to go much faster when you are picking_972apple picking_973apple picking_974apple picking_975apple picking_976These two were taken by Myla for us!apple picking_977apple picking_978apple picking_979apple picking_980apple picking_981

And these two were also taken by Myla. She suggested I put my hand in my pocket.

And below I was taking a picture of her with the camera, and she decided to take a picture of picking_983

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Lyndon Heath Cabinetry: Northwest DC Residence

This was my second to last interior photo shoot with Lyndon this year. I have been so thankful that I have been able to photograph his cabinetry and that we are able to work together as a team. I would have never guessed we would work together when we were first married. Now it’s my favorite part about being a photographer.

As we drove down in the morning I was anticipating seeing the individual pieces of Lyndon Heath Cabinetry throughout the various rooms in this newly remodeled Northwest DC residence. I remember hearing about this project when it was in the beginning stages of being remodeled. Walls were being torn down and were non-existent. The new layout and design was perfected over in detailed architectural drawings, specifically the kitchen. I love knowing the details, the time, and precision of the custom cabinetry that went into each space. This kitchen required meticulousness in the measuring and design as there were no existing walls, no floor, and one structural column on site that Lyndon used to measure, design, and then build the cabinetry. He was in contact with the contractor to discuss precisely where the walls needed to be placed based on previous measurements and the cabinets dimensions. This accurateness of details is noticed during the installation of the cabinets and how the cabinets fix together perfectly when the new walls and floor were in place.

In this home you will also find his custom cabinetry in the Master Bedroom, Master Closet, the Children’s bathroom, the Children’s Closets, the Powder Room, and Mudroom. We spent the day together capturing the details of the cabinetry that was once on blue prints and now were built and installed being used by the family. ENJOY!!!

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_936

First the Master Bathroom…

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_937

The vanity was made in one large cabinet and finished one site.Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_938

Below you will notice the curve that helped the transition of cabinet depth and existing drywall depth.Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_939Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_940

Her Master Closet built out of maple with a clear coat finish.Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_941

The custom drawers are all built as one run.Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_942

LHC also built the whole door to have it customized to match the inside of the closet.Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_943Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_944

The children’s closets…got me really excited for our little boy to arrive!Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_945

This unit was built with growth of the children in mind.

The shoes racks are portable and would be able to remove from the closet if needed.

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_946Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_947Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_948

The Children’s bathroom was a custom vanity that was painted on site.Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_949Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_950

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_967

The Powder Room vanity was small yet extremely difficult to build with the double bowed front.

This cabinet was custom made per the designers request out of walnut with a walnut stain.

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_968

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_951

The Mudroom is located immediately inside the side entrance of this home.

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_952

Above are the pantry cabinets that create the actual wall for the stove on the other side.

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_953Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_954Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_955Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_956Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_957

Above: The cabinet on the right was made to be hidden as the bead about replicates the inside profile of the other kitchen doors.Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_958Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_959Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_960Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_961

Above Architectural detail: In the corner the face frames widths were built to match and align perfectly.

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_962Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_963Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_964Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_965There is much detail in this bar stool area. First it is a solid cabinet measuring in 14 feet long.

It took over 8 men to carry inside on the day of installation.

The curve was integrated into the cabinet before it was finished making it into one solid piece.

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_966

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stunning!! absolutely stunning. both the gorgeous cabinetry & photography; a great team!