Slowly returning from a Baby Hiatus

It was Wednesday night, November 6 to be exact when I confessed to Lyndon that I was done. I was done running errands, stocking my cabinets, editing this years shoots, and blogging them, freezing meals, cleaning and sorting and done waiting. It was not that everything was completed on my to do list; it was that I made it to 39 weeks and I was ready for him to arrive now. I know that I really did not have any control when our little boy arrived; however I was now telling myself he could come; though with one slight stipulation after Thursday. And it had to be after Thursday as Lyndon would be in Maryland all day. I could wait one more day.

Then Friday (Nov 8) in the early morning my labor began. I had one desire with labor that he would be delivered in the daytime. Again, I know that we can not control this but that I could bring this request and desire before God and pray. By mid-morning labor was not progressing.  I was cooking what I will term “labor meal” as a way to distract and use time and to also have something prepared to enjoy after the birth. The big pot of spaghetti sauce was simmering and I was watching the clock. It would be evening soon; the clock was ticking. I called my mid-wife Diane and asked what I could do to get my contractions regular and progressing. Well her suggestions worked and labor intensified quickly. Within about a hour after her arriving to our home Kylan Heath was born. It was in the afternoon and that evening we all enjoyed pasta dinner together.

Two months have passed and I have savored these weeks of having Kylan in our family. We are all adjusting slowly to the changes that this sweet new addition brings. Most of I am allowing myself time, thanks to the encouragement of my husband. His words have given me freedom to take the time and as much time off as I need to treasure and enjoy these days with my children. We have waited for this time to come for four years and I don’t want to rush it. I am so thankful for his grace to me and understanding. It has allowed me to take the pressure off myself to get back to the to do list and business of life and to be able to say no to things for a season.  It is not that I have not wanted to do things or get things accomplished or started again; but I am learning to embrace my new capacity (that is limited) for this season. It has given me peace as I grow in my new responsibilities to take the time to focus on my new family, to enjoy the time we have together, rest and maybe get a load of laundry done in the day.  I will mostly be hibernating til spring and it is because we all know they grow too fast. I am looking forward to this new year, future photo shoots and all the potential that it holds. Here are a few of my favorites from the last two months! ENJOY!!!

kylan-favorites_075happy. healthy and delivered at home.

My midwives were amazing and so thankful to have them “catch” Kylan.kylan-favorites_076New and in daddy’s arms.kylan-favorites_077The joy and emotion watching Myla meet her brother was an answer to many prayers.kylan-favorites_078kylan-favorites_079kylan-favorites_092Bebe and Gigi meeting Kylan and Myla documenting it too!kylan-favorites_093kylan-favorites_080Three days old.kylan-favorites_082kylan-favorites_081kylan-favorites_083kylan-favorites_085Five days oldkylan-favorites_086kylan-favorites_116kylan-favorites_087kylan-favorites_088This one of Myla and Kylan is my favorite and makes my heart happy.kylan-favorites_089kylan-favorites_094The quilt in the picture below was made by my mother, (Grande)  for Kylan.kylan-favorites_095kylan-favorites_090kylan-favorites_09110 days old

 Kylan was growing and changing and it could not go slow enough for me.


kylan-favorites_096kylan-favorites_102These photos were taken by my good friend and photographer, Tina Lapp.

I am so thankful for her friendship and time she took to capture these moments of us two.kylan-favorites_103kylan-favorites_104kylan-favorites_097Made it outside before the leaves were gone.

I look forward to next fall with them both playing in the leaves.kylan-favorites_098kylan-favorites_099kylan-favorites_105Above: One month old


kylan-favorites_107Myla is an amazing big sister who loves her brother dearly and is a big helper.

6 weeks oldkylan-favorites_108kylan-favorites_106kylan-favorites_109kylan-favorites_110Two months oldkylan-favorites_111kylan-favorites_112kylan-favorites_113


. . .. . .. . .. . .

That’s so cool you had him at home! If I ever have anymore that’s in my mind, as Sophia’s labor was a mere 1.5 hours.

Enjoy this time!! You’re right, it’s so fleeting. You never get it back or get to do a redo. I’m sure you’re savoring this slower time with your new little man.

Jamie, what a beautiful document of the first 2 months with your precious son!! I love that you are taking it slow. You will never, never regret that!

De Neumann

Oh so sweet to see all over again the goodness of our great God to you my daughter and your family! So many touching pictures I had not seen. Life is truly a precious gift from God, and I/we are thrilled to watch you enjoy every new family moment with Kylan. You have stayed in the Lord’s presence and are receiving the fullness of His joy! (Psalm16:11). Love you all so much.

What a beautiful post, Jamie! This gets me so excited for the arrival of our little man (hopefully less than four weeks away!). I love that you’re giving yourself time and not stressing about getting back to work. I hope I can do the same. And you’ve definitely inspired me to get some awesome sister-brother shots with Ally once the baby arrives. Happy for you and hope all continues to go well! :)

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry: new website

After a year of planning, discussing, designing, and photographing projects I am filled with excitement to announce that Lyndon Heath Cabinetry has a new website! This project has been brought to life through Lyndon’s vision to reflect his custom cabinetry company, the detail of his craftsmanship, the process his clients will experience, and display current completed projects. The projects completed and photographed have been a team collaboration of the finest designers, architects, and builders that Lyndon Heath Cabinetry has the privilege of working with. We are thankful for the trust of those in the industry as well as the clients who trust Lyndon Heath Cabinetry to deliver custom cabinetry for their homes. Deb Wagner of dstripe is the person behind the scene who needs to be acknowledged and thanked for her design ability to take concepts and create this new custom website. Please take time to explore this new site! ENJOY!!!

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_028

Explore and be inspired by some of the newly completed projects.

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_029

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Welcome Kylan Heath

baby kylan_009

This journey of faith has assured me that when you wait for the Lord you can be secure in the reality that He rules over all things.

Kylan Heath

November 8, 2013

7lbs 3oz

20 1/4 inches

. . .. . .. . .. . .
Aunt Kal

Can we see more pics?!?!?!?!


Looks just like his daddy!

this is just the best! he’s beautiful


he is precious and perfect! I know you’re enjoying him to the fullest! praying all goes smoothly in these first weeks!

Congratulations! Enjoy your handsome new son!