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Out of Love

“The denial of ambitions and the denial of inspirations in our life are not a penalty and are not a punishment from God.

It’s God defining our path for our walk.” Dave Harvey.

This is a quote from a message on contentment by Dave Harvey. It has been a message that has been good for my soul to hear over and over again over the last two years! It has helped me view this time of waiting as God defining my path, not a punishment. May this encourage your soul that God is defining your path step by step everyday out of love.



Wow. I no sooner finished typing an fb comment about contentment on a conversation on my wall that your post came up in my feed ;o) Defining our path can be a painful process, but HIS strength is sufficient when we can’t see the glorious purpose ;o) And sometimes if we have more people to commiserate with us rather than speak words of life, it can be harder to see that!

Blessing to you on your path and below is the comment I was posting if you wanted to see the connection to my own thoughts…….

“2.5 yrs ago Jacob proposed that we maybe live in a camper while we built a house. I was completely resistant and adamant that i wasn’t going to put that type of stress and unhappiness on my family by living in such a confined space. 6 months later we were living in one full-time with no house-building in sight>>>and I was completely CONTENT and EXCITED about it. The Lord has been so faithful in renewing my mind for all types of seasons and challenges we undertake, as my outlook of JOY isn’t dependent on any situation, but through HIS strength. I’ve learned over the past couple of years in our camper living and Israel traveling that I am NOT owed hot water, or refrigeration, or privacy, or a washing machine (not listed under those ‘unalienable rights’) These things are all luxuries and I want myself and my children to be thankful for the days that we DO have them :o) Sorry for you troubles Tova, but our camper living is amazing (especially now that our new one has a SLIDEOUT!!!!) and we’ve said we’ll never go back to living in a house again. We create our children’s realities and I want them to know that OUR REALITY is that God loves us and we have EVERYTHING we need ;o)

I love living with less. I love having my husband around more. I love having my babies close. I love being free to go where the Lord wants us. The end. ;o)

Thanks for sharing, Jamie.

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