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One of twelve

Last Saturday as I laid in bed I rolled over to look out the window. Darkness still filled the sky but I needed to make sure it snowed! Immediately, a smile appeared as I pulled the covers back up under my chin and thought about our snow day together. I love snow days, especially a snow day on Saturday!! Snow to me over the last few years has brought a sense of peace to my soul as it covers the ground with its beauty. Everything sorta stand stills and we enjoy the coziness and warmth of our home. I have been waiting for a snow day all winter. Snow makes any day better!!! By mid morning Lyndon suggested to take a walk together in the fresh snow. We pulled out our snow clothes and I put on my new snow boots ready for our walk. This walk gave me an opportunity to take my first one of twelve pictures of the three of us for the year! I took four pictures using the self timer. I had a bag of popcorn in my car and used the bag to prop up my camera on the hood of my car.  I loved this one so much it is already printed and on my mantel! So, this is a reminder for you to get your picture of your family for this month!

photo recipe: 50 mm   2.0  1/1600   200 iso

Nice! Thanks for the reminder! I need to do ours soon. I’d wanted to have Krista take it for us at Central Market on Saturday, but it was just too crazy with all the kids being hungry and cold. So we still need to get our Jan family pic!

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