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I have loved capturing Kaleb over his first year of life. I love his big brown eyes, his happy spirit and his smile!!!  I, however can not take the credit for getting him to smile on his one year old session. Myla usually does not join me on a shoot however I was thankful she did. I am not a child photographer and as I realized how Myla gained Kaleb’s attention fast then I could, I put her to work. Myla would stand behind me and call Kaleb’s name! He looked. Myla laughed. Kaleb laughed. Myla made a silly face and Kaleb laughed some more. She has turned into a BIG helper! Myla listened so well, payed attention to directions and held onto the balloons for the end of the session. Well, at least till the very end  of the session until they made their way up into a tree! And yes,the balloons were all tied together with a weight!!! I’m hoping one day that she will not be holding the balloons, but a camera in hand and shooting along side of me.

If you look closely you can see the bunch of balloons up in the tree in the picture on the right!

Sally Krueger

awww…. I love that!!

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