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Most dreaming begins when an idea or picture enters your mind. You envision a space to reflect your style and design concepts. Whether it is a bedroom, entry way, kitchen, or bathroom, this process takes time. It evolves. Beginning with gathering inspiration, pulling together a team of professionals, developing precise details and measurements, the construction of the concepts, and finishing the process with the installation. In each step of the process there are countless dialogues until the concepts and measurements match the vision. Lyndon Sentz and his team at Lyndon Heath Cabinetry have the honor of partnering with other professionals to bring projects to completion.  What space have you been dreaming of designing, remodeling, or building? Whatever it might be, enjoy the process. May the photos of the custom cabinetry and millwork by Lyndon Heath Cabinetry of a mantel for the master bedroom, master bathroom, and the master closet inspire you.


Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_486


Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_487Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_488Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_489Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_490Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_491Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_492Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_499Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_493Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_494Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_496Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_501Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_497Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_498Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_500Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_502Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_503Lyndon Heath Cabinetry_504

Lyndon Sentz

Lyndon Heath Cabinetry


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