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Love, War and Service

Today we were together as a family enjoying the holiday. As we talked about weddings and all the planning that goes into a wedding I asked my grandfather again for the details of his wedding. I love hearing his stories, and he recalls them as if they happened yesterday. The story starts with my grandfather enrolling in flight school two weeks before his 21st birthday.  The same day he graduated from flight school (back when it was only in the Army) he took a train home to be wed the next day to my grandmother. There were not elaborate plans or details, yet they were a couple in love and war was not going to keep them separated. They were together for four months until he was stationed in England as a pilot for the B-17 bombers. I sat and listened to him retell how he needed his parents signature to enlist, the train ride out to CO with his new bride for more flight training, the reason why he told my grandmother he married her, and his missions he flew in WWII and was amazed at his service. The world was at war and he chose to serve. I want to thank all those who have served and who have chosen to serve our country. Thank you.

(You would never know his age by this photograph!)

We drove through the INdiantown Fort Gap memorial today for the first time ever, and I lived so close to it for so many years. It was sobering to say the least. I cried taking in the thousands of flags and tombstones at this cemetery alone. TO think of all the men, women and families who have “chosen to serve” as you put it for my freedoms definitely helped to put some things in perspective for me today. THank you to your G-pa, too!


Your Pa is amazing, and I LOVE his new glasses!! So stylish!

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