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Kylan: five days old

The first week I spent time time holding, snuggling, feeding, changing diapers, photographing newness, and marveling at the reality and gift that the Lord had given us a son. It was a change of pace from the last days even months before he came when I was busy working on finishing the to do list. However, now that Kylan arrived everything stopped. It was time to be still. As deep as of the loss and pain that I experienced over the last four years of wrestling and waiting on the Lord, in his timing he has now given me deep love and great joy in this miracle of life. Through the waiting the Lord has also graciously has given me a deep peace and confidence knowing that walks with us, plans each of our steps and rules over all things. My heart is filled with love for Kylan and only know that it was the Lord who sustained him and gave him to us. I am thankful that I am given this gift to experience new life in our life again. Knowing how quickly newborns change and grow I was ready to photograph Kylan in hopes to remember his newness, tiny yawns, his small hands and feet that kicked inside of me, his sweet round cheeks, and how much his big sister loves having a brother. The first week always seems to go by too fast for my heart and these images will always allow me to reminiscence of the days that could not go slow enough. (These were all taken with my Contax, 120 Fuji Pro 400H and developed and scanned by the FIND LAB.) ENJOY!!!


kylan-film_062kylan-film_074kylan-film_063kylan-film_064kylan-film_066kylan-film_065kylan film_115kylan-film_067

kylan film_116kylan film_117kylan-film_065


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