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Instagrams: February

We started off the month with a wet basement from a leak but ended February the best way by going away together to a warm sunny beach in St. Lucia.  It was nice to have time away and time to just relax. We return late Monday night and I am slowly getting back to the office details and blogging.First February Instagrams which include a little from our trip. ENJOY!!!

A  pipe busted in our new kitchen and our basement was drenched in water. It was spraying water for hours.

The worst part was that I was home but thought it was the dishwasher running.

We started dating this month 11 years ago and went through old love notes.we were cheering for the Ravens in the Super Bowl for sure!I sent out a little Valentine treat to the best clients ever!I had a date day with my girl in which we ended up at Terrain and had a little treat together.Valentine’s Day with Pops and Grande making pretzelsmy favorite flower from my love on Valentines.

Valentine dinner request: crepes

Some DIY glitter projects for my sister’s bridal shower. She was a great helper. More pictures to come.She tied her shoe all by herself. She is working me out of a job!

Picking up Daddy from train station as he headed back from New York City.

Aunt Laura’s Bridal showerWe were up at 4 am to make it to the airport on time.  Twelve hours later we arrived at our resort in St. Lucia.The porch was one of the best parts of the Villa we stayed in.

In the morning I would sit and read, listen to the birds and wait for the sun to rise.There was only several decisions we had to make each day…what time to eat. Me on my way to breakfast.

And on the last day of February I loaded my first roll of film in my new Contax I got a day or two before we left.

I have been waiting for this.


AHHH! welcome home and love all the pics, Jamie! xo


Such a fun month!!!
Not a fun basement leak. & after all of the kitchen projects that you guys just completed. :( but i do love your “hunters” & didn’t know you owned a pair! they are on my wish list. 😉
Terrain!! did you get anything??
Crepes!! They look SO freakin good. I want one so badly!!!!!! yum.
Lauras shower- I’m sure it was so beautiful!!! So excited about all of that.
& St. Lucia. I can’t wait to hear ALL about it.

I just posted mine today too! Ah, Terrain. Still want to go there! And your trip to St. Lucia looks amazing.

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