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Instagrams (April)

 The last day in April came and went and I totally forgot to post my instagrams for April. I had it planned on my blog calendar (yes, I even have a plan for blogging); but posted someone cuter! I was going to skip posting April instagram’s simply because well it’s not April anymore. However I got over my type “A” personality and decided to post them even if we are in May. Pictures, especially these, help document my everyday moments that I want to remember.

eating breakfast together.

her hair is getting so long and i love it in a pony tail.

when I looked at her from the kitchen I could not believe how much older she looks to me.

I love the chair she is sitting in that we are borrowing from the Millens!date with Grande (my mom) at Starbucks and then a trip to Trader Joes! Myla loves pushing her own cart.A trip to Leesburg VA with Amanda Austin Interiors.

Another date to Starbucks. We went to talk about myla’s question, “How can we hear God if he is in heaven?”

an Easter picture of the two of us.Easter egg competition: Lyndon won!!Myla loves her babies!!!new wall art by Made by Girl in pink of course.Trip to visit Gigi and Bebe with cousins!!!One  hot day in April we made a trip to Lititz Park to meet Kaleb!She is signed up for Pre-K in the fall! Half breaks my mommy’s heart that we are already at this new stage together!a wonderful trip to NC to visit good friends!!!


So enjoyed looking at these! She’s growing up fast. I miss you.


yay! thanks for posting these even though its may 😉
love it.

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