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I confess, I love when a bride and groom to do a First Look!!! As a bride myself, I did not know what a First Look was or understand all the benefits of a First Look. No one explained the option of a First Look and how it would affect my our wedding day. So, what is a First Look? It is a moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time, before the ceremony and only the two of them. A location is chosen, the grooms back is turned away as his bride walks towards him in her beautiful wedding dress. They turn to each other and have their First Look alone and together! The anticipation inside me builds every time when a groom turns to see his beautiful bride for the first time. The smiles, the tears, and sweet words whispers are all things that I love for each bride and groom to have with one another. There is no pressure to hold back the tears or restrain your emotions. You are standing there together on your wedding day to just be with one another.  I stand back and capture these first looks between the bride and groom!

Being your wedding photographer, I worked along aside of each couple and listen to your desires of how you want your wedding day to look like, and what is important to you as a couple. It is my job to hear all the details and your desires. Then, I help create your wedding timeline. Common desires I hear from brides and grooms is that they want to be together as much of their wedding day as possible, time for pictures, and to have time with be with family and friends. A First Look allows these desires to be fulfilled.

Looking back, Lyndon and I did not have quiet moment to ourselves to express thoughts about the most important day in our lives and whisper sweet nothings to one another!  Your wedding day is full of emotions, expectations, getting ready, and being surrounded by friends and family you love. Having a First Look would have been a great pocket of quietness to have to ourselves. Time for me to communicate to Lyndon how excited I was to become his wife and how I had dreamed of this day! And now it is here!! And time for him to tell me how good I looked in my wedding dress!! : )  I wished that someone would have explained how special a First Look is and how special it would be too when I walked down the aisle for the first time. Both are special and for the first time. Having the First Look also permits your families, the wedding party and the bride and groom to enjoy the cocktail hour with their guests. This is possible as all portraits and family portraits are finished before the ceremony. Having the family and bridal portraits finished before the ceremony they are not rushed and no one is looking for Aunt Sally who is where?!? I also love to take no more then a half hour to shoot the bride and groom in the golden sunlight.  And do you know the best part of a First Look is? It is that you get to spend the day of the your wedding day with your best friend by your side! There is no hiding from one another and looking out so that you do not catch a glimpse of one another. No, none of that as you are right where you belong, by his side enjoying and experiencing your wedding day together! Some of my favorite images are from their First Look. Enjoy!!!


I like the new header and texture on the blog. Also how the sweater matches the color in the logo. Nice!

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