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Happy Birthday Liam Michael Neumann!!

The group texting began around 7:30 pm last night. I was in the middle of the long drawn out process of putting Myla to bed. This process seemed to take extra long as I was wanting details about the increasing contractions and the possible arrival of their baby boy. Finally, with Myla in bed an hour later, we decided that he would arrive sometime soon and definitely by the weekend! I packed up my camera gear and headed to bed. I did not sleep to much as I was thinking about Michael and Mary, their little son entering their lives at the perfect time, the exhausting process labor is, and remember the joy at the end. The joy of holding your baby who God created and has perfectly placed into your family. The pain is truly forgotten and you remember that the pain was worth it.

I arrived at 1:52am about an hour after Liam was born. I could not believe how quickly he arrived! I was honored to snap a few pictures of him within the first hour of life. I am so excited for Liam to become a part of Michael and Mary’s family. I love you three!! Here are a few from today! And trust me you will be seeing more of him on this blog!!


These are so great!!! I love him sucking his little thumb with those cheeks!!! and toes. These pics cooould almost make me wanna have another baby!!! Wonderful job.

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so beautiful jamie. what a treasure these photos will be to your nephew someday:) you captured the stillness & wonder so beautifully. you are so gifted & such a dear sister. xo

Pat Rozow

So glad that your wonderful talent captured such precious snapshots of life!

Pat Rozow

Beautiful! What a wonderful gift from God, made in his image!
You are a wonderful family, congrats!
God bless

I love the thumb sucking! And, he looks so much like Michael in those pictures.

Paula Wade

Hi Jamie,
These pictures of Mary, Michael, and precious baby Liam are simply fabulous! You’re so talented and I love being able to see pictures of the special events in Michael and Mary’s life especially since we live so far away! I also loved the series of pics you took at the market!
Paula (Mary’s Aunt P!)


Oh man, i can barely stand the cuteness. These are beautiful moments AND they are captured so beautifully. Great job, Jamie! M&M are SO lucky to have you and your mad skills documenting all these amazing memories!!!

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