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Happy Birthday Dad!!

When I was pregnant with Myla he guessed she was going to be a girl! I was his first girl!

Pops and Grande came up for Valentines Day to celebrate with Myla. They make time to see us and make days special.

When Pops shattered his heel this spring, Myla was there to make it all better!

Pops knows one song on the piano maybe two, but plays an accordion great after all these years!

My dad would come home from work early when I was a little girl for my birthday and surprise me! And he still sees me on my birthday!

Pops has taught me to balance my check book to the penny, he is a wise business man and my account!!

He is teaching Myla to start saving young!

We all laugh at his sense of humor and jokes! I love that he and my mom still dress up for trick or treating!

I love how he loves my mother! These two are an amazing team together and seem to balance each other out after all these years!

Pops always does the dishes. Always. He is a servant and does so without complaining.

The joy that Myla brings to Pops’s face makes me smile as I know she experiences his love the way I did growing up!

My dad, up til my wedding day was my protector and  provider. I am so thankful for his role as a father in my life.

(photo credit: tina lapp)

I love my family!

  I love how you Dad put family first by caring for us even when we move out,

creating memories together by games of football in the back yard to family vacations,

providing-you are one of the hardest men I know, sharing wisdom and asking tough questions,

giving financial counsel and finding the three cents that was missing when balancing my check book in college,

and loving us through the years and for who we have become.

I love you Dad and wish you a Happy Birthday!!

I’m trying to imagine your dad play accordion!! I can’t! :)

Awesome tribute! We’ve been so blessed by our family too.

Your parents are a great team and bless so many more than just you and your sweet family. Isn’t super fun to see a grandpa with his grandkid?! Very sweet tribute to a deserving man. Happy Birthday, Glenn!

De Neumann

What a birthday present for your Dad. Every word is so true! We are a blessed family !! Thanks Jamie…. We love our family too!!!

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