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One request for Mother’s Day was to take some pictures!

Big surprise right! I really never grow tired of getting pictures, especially pictures of the three of us!

And I love ones of me and my little girl!

Right now she likes to match what I am wearing and I LOVE it!!

Then I asked Myla to take a picture of the two of us. I set the aperture at little higher then where I like to shot and handed her the camera.

I think she did awesome!! She told us what to do and where to look!

After shooting I thanked her for this unexpected gift from her…pictures me and Lyndon together.

The last picture below became my favorite after looking through the pictures she took!

I know that I am blurry and I think that is a part of what I love about it.

I feel like it captures a smile of me that comes out of my love for my little girl and she caught it!

Aww, so sweet! We totally missed April! :( I just forgot about it and Josh was gone 2 weeks out of the month. Maybe we’ll do two family photos for this month to make up for it. :)

lovely! great gift to take photos together and I agree she did a good job

Beautiful from start to finish! Myla did a GREAT job!!!!

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