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Elizabeth Reich: Waterfront Residence

The owners of this waterfront home in Baltimore called upon designer Elizabeth Reich of Jenkins Baer Associates to design a home to feel like it has their personality in each space. Originally, the home was built by a customer builder for his family to reside in, however they never ended up living in it. Elizabeth and her eager clients first started changing the pale yellow walls with new paint color that was selected to suit more their style and personality. Elizabeth quickly moved room by room adding color, character, and a style that now makes her clients feel at home. Thank you Elizabeth for allowing me to photograph the homes you continue to transform with character, color, and style. Please enjoy the powder room, kitchen, family room, and master bedroom. Below Elizabeth describes the details that make up the design of each of these rooms.

Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_334This room seemed to have the biggest transformation. It had a standard cabinet with green granite top,

non-descript flooring and basic lighting and mirror.

We switched out the chunky vanity to a sleek polished nickel vanity with a white marble top.

Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_338 We added sconces in a gilded finish beside the mirror for a more balanced light and took out the overhead sconce

that was originally above the mirror. We added a chandelier that is made of antiqued mercury glass which illuminates the room.

It has a metal wire mesh which wraps the globe and the mix of materials gives it a vintage feel.

A hexagon marble mosaic grounds the bathroom floor.Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_335The wallpaper was a special textured iridescent “sequin” paper that really glows in a steel blue color.

We even put it on the ceiling to envelop the room.Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_336The horn framed mirror added a sexy touch to the walls.Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_337Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_339In the kitchen they just wanted a nice place to have breakfast,

so we found a round pedestal table with a hammered metal top which is pretty and practical.

Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_340The chairs have a rustic appeal with the burlap upholstery & wood finish, yet they are also somewhat

formal in feeling with their square back French style & nailheads.Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_342The drapery panels while beautiful really frame the windows and make you notice the view of the water in the distance.

We worked with the clients existing rug to get the colors for the space.Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_341Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_343They wanted this room to feel comfortable and relaxing, so we added two large deep sofas

with lots of pillows of different colors and textures.

The colors are navy, chocolate, grey & accents of purple.

Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_344The wing chair in the corner by the window is a favorite reading spot.

Covering it in a fun graphic pattern gave this typically traditional chair a fresh modern look.Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_345Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_346Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_347Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_348

The cabinetry was good quality but it was in a pale wood stain.

We wanted to paint it a dark smokey blue to give it more of a rich and cozy feel (Ben More “Evening Dove”).

It completely transformed the room when we did that.

Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_349Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_350The chevron Missoni pillows were a favorite of the client.Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_358Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_351Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_352The coffee table is pretty yet casual enough that they aren’t afraid to put their feet up on it.

The hide stools provide additional seating when they have a large group over.Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_353Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_354Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_359Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_355Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_356 The large chandelier was unique and rustic and seemed perfect for the space.Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_357Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_360The Dining Room is the first room that you see when you enter the foyer & really welcomes you into the house.

We fell in love with the chandelier which is a combination of shell and wood pieces that seemed to work well

with the eclectic style of the room.

Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_362

Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_361The chairs were based on the Frances Elkins Loop chair which I have always adored.Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_363Originally this room had shades of gold on the walls above & below the chair rail.

We fell in love with the Tibetan rug which we waited four months for but it was worth it.

We took the colors of the room from the rug. The drapery seemed like a perfect complement to it and

we liked the large scale pattern with its bold colors.

The paint we chose was Ben Moore “Newberg Green” which is a rich teal color with just enough blue.Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_364Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_365Again, this master bedroom was pale yellow and devoid of any warmth. We covered the walls in a Phillip Jeffries grasscloth.

The texture and color immediately brought some life to the room.

Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_366

The chandelier was like the added jewelry to the room, and my client’s favorite touch.

It had just the right amount of sparkle and glam without being too feminine.

Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_367Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_369Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_370Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_368They had no headboard initially; we chose a tall upholstered one to add some drama to the room.

The bedding was the client’s own which I used as a starting point for the colors.

Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_373

Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_371The Chevron wool rug in soft greens & blues grounds the room and ties all of the colors in together.

Elizabeth Reich-Waterfront Home_372

Contact: Elizabeth Reich

Jenkins Baer Associates
24 West Chase Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Phone: 410.727.4100
Fax: 410.727.4130

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