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Elizabeth Reich and Lyndon Heath Cabinetry

As I walked in the newly designed family room of this Lutherville home, I could not help myself, but to stand still for a few minutes. My eyes wander about the room taking in the warm colors, the textures, and the beauty. Looking up to the hand painted ceiling, looking left to the custom built-ins and then to the right at the cozy fire lit in the stone fireplace. Elizabeth Reich’s inspiration was accomplished. The room was warm, cozy and inviting.

I have said this before; however it is worth repeating. Elizabeth’s desire when working with each client is to know their personality and to create a room that will serve both in function and design. Elizabeth’s clients have a large family and wanted to create a space for them all to hang out and enjoy one another. The new custom built-ins were created to build a niche for the sofa which is incredibly comfortable and easy to sink into. This was a requirement by the husband who is happy with the end result. The stool from Oly adds a touch of leather, additional seating and a touch of whimsy to this family room.

The new custom built-ins were created by Lyndon Sentz of Lyndon Heath Cabinetry. Lyndon works with Elizabeth building the custom cabinetry she designs for her clients. The custom built-ins allowed for the practical storage the clients wanted in the space. Customizing the built-ins for the sofa require precise accuracy, only allowing three fourths of an inch on either side. The walls and cabinetry are painted the same shade of Benjamin Moore’s “Revere Pewter”. This color is a light grey with warm undertones. It is my new favorite color!

One of the new aspects of this room was the ceiling and a favorite for Elizabeth. She sees beyond what exist to create and design something new! The original ceiling was peaked and they created a flat section to bring the scale down and create a more intimate feel. The wood ceiling and beams were hand painted a perfect shade of grey by Kelly Walker of Artstar Baltimore. Kelly additionally hand painted the existing coffee table creating a new and patina look in the room.

I was ready to grab a book and stay as the fire warmed this cozy room. They demolished the original off center fireplace and created the new stone fireplace with symmetry. The TV was recessed into the fireplace creating one focal point in the room. Overall I was ready to join their family so that I could enjoy this room everyday!

I love watching Lyndon, my husband build custom cabinetry for a client’s room. He is precise and detailed. It is such an honor to capture his finished work in a beautiful and well designed room by Elizabeth Reich of Jenkins Baer.

I just love this room. It’s open yet cozy. I love the textures. It has a gothic feel (I think the ceiling does it) but still feels modern.


WOW. SO many things I love about this room! Fabulous job, Jamie, Lyndon & Elizabeth.

that is spectacular!!! my dream room :) great photos!

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