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Eight of Twelve

The first weekend in August we packed up our bags and loaded up the car with food, bathing suits and towels. We headed to upstate New York to spend a week at the lake with Lyndon’s family. This was the lake that Lyndon grew up on boating, water skiing, and fishing. Many of summers were spent here with his family. Many memories were made. It would be our first time together at the lake since we got married. The week was full of family, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and great grandparents for Myla and her cousins. The house was filled with laughter, stories, and new memories being made.

Again it was a wonderful time to get away and enjoy family being together! The lake provided such a calm and peaceful experience. A perfect place to connect and unwind together. We hope there will not be as many years in between our next time visiting.


Myla fell in love with Tucan all week long!We enjoyed boating on the lake for several days!we enjoyed tubing too!Gigi kayaking with her grandgirlsThe whole Cutting Clan!!more boating fun!!

lunch on the dock was perfect!

One family picture…Lyndon is in the middle of his two sisters.

Yes we usually get this face before one serious one!Later in the week we headed to Letchworth State Park!Myla ran through the unassuming mud in the grass and both of her flip flops got stuck. She kept running leaving them in the mud!Lyndon’s Dad and the grandkidsCousins!!!the last night out on the water…

Very fun! I love kayaking but haven’t had a chance since having kids! My favorite memory was kayaking in Maine. The lake looks awesome!


Wonderful time together making new wonderful memories. Thanks Lyndon and Jamie for doing this for our family.

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