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DIY: spring bulbs and wheat grass

I have been counting down and waiting for spring to arrive and stay. There have been some days that flirt and pretend to be spring; however the warmth of the day does not stay. I am ready for green grass, flowers blooming, trees budding and sunshine! For this month’s DIY project revolves around spring bulbs, mine happen to be daffodils and wheat grass. I got this idea from my friend Mirjam. First, here is what you need for the wheat grass: couple of jars or vases; dirt, and wheat berries. I collect spice jars or jelly jars or really any glass jar that I think I could use again. I reuse them throughout the year and they worked well for this project. Fill them up with dirt and add a bunch of seed on the top. Cover with dirt and place by light. Add some water and what them grow within a weeks time.

The second project requires planning or you can do what I did. I went looking for daffodils or tulips bulbs, only to discover that stores only carry them in the fall, not in the spring. I already marked my calendar in September to buy “spring” bulbs for next year! Since I still wanted to do this project I first went looking for a shovel. Then I dug a bunch of daffodils up from my yard! I shook off as much dirt as possible and then washed them with water. It worked. I placed them in varying size canning jars and called it done. That simple! You could fill the bottom up with stones or natural rocks for more details. And do not forget to add water to the bottom. That is the main reason my plants do not make it in my house, lack of water! So once again, my mantel gets another look for the new season. Enjoy!!

I love this idea!! The green is such a fresh color. Beautiful!

Wheat grass holds a special place in my heart, as I did this for my wedding! I grew wheat grass and then trimmed it and put taper candles in the middle of them for the tables that had the food. I planed them in terra cotta pots. Thanks for the reminder! I’ve done this other years too. I have some wheat grass out in the shed, I should get started on this project.

Love the bulbs in mason jars too! Never though of doing it with just water. I have a thing for mason jars and we use them as glasses. I could certainly spare a few for flowers, though.

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