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Celebrating a life full of beauty and splendor

I arrived to my destination after a five hour drive down to Williamsburg, VA with my camera bag and gear all packed. As I entered the home I was greeted with a bright smile, and warm hug by Amanda Austin of Amanda Austin Interiors who was barefoot at the moment. Music filled the air and the finial installation and details were being placed into every room. When you meet Amanda you will always remember the first time and this was mine. This two day shoot was the beginning of working together to capture her design work that is full of beauty and splendor. Each room is layered with textures, colors, details, and purposeful pieces that represent her clients.

Over the last week my heart has been full of emotions, tears and memories as Amanda Austin took flight to heaven. I want to attempt to express my love for Amanda and the impact she has had on my life over the last two years. I am truly thankful for the friendship and love Amanda gave to me that extended beyond business and photography. Her kindness and warmth was always sincere, and genuine from the first time I met her and it never left her. One gift Amanda possessed was not only seeing beauty everywhere but living out this perspective in her daily life, interactions with others, and her work. Her talent in creating and designing truly changed people’s lives one home at a time.

It was truly an honor to be able to work and photograph Amanda’s design work. I was overwhelmed at times as Amanda appealed for me to be the one to photograph her work. Her support and loyalty were always present. It is always a joy of mine to photograph her work.  My desire to capture the beauty and light created by Amanda that I experienced first hand in each residence challenged me. I wanted to capture a room or detail that would reflect the beauty in an image for others to see and enjoy. Her attention to detail and perfection for each room has cause me to become a better photographer. We often worked long days together that seemed to fly bye too fast. Throughout the day our conversations were marked with sharing dreams, inspiration, God’s hand on our lives, and even tears. Amanda would listen and I would leave inspired to live to the fullest with the talent and gifts God has given me. This was no different then my last time working with Amanda. She greeted me with a bright smile and a warm hug. She challenge me in July to love without holding back. These words that will stay with me and remind me of her ability to love.

I am forever grateful for God placing Amanda in my life. Her death has stung as she will be greatly missed here not only by me but by her family, friends, and colleagues. I am thankful for the influence that Amanda has had in my life and my heart. I have more residences to post and share that Amanda Austin has designed and will continue to work with Amanda Austin Interiors design firm as it will continue on in her name.

Amanda Austin Interiors

1020 S. Charles Street

Baltimore, MD 21230

p. 442.759.6177

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