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Here are recent Holga pictures. This camera has now retired as the plastic film rewind handle has come completely unglued from the camera body. Myla is one happy girl as the Holga has now officially become her camera. She walks around our home with the camera around her neck taking pictures of her dolls, her […]

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i heart…holga

The Holga is unpredictable and that is expected knowledge when shooting with this “toy” camera. It was created in 1982 in Hong Kong. The Holga is a plastic camera that uses medium format 120 film to capture your images.   The Holga knows no rules and is quite simple. There are two light settings, four focusing […]

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CA Holga pictures

Below are some of the Holga pictures that I took on our California vacation this past September. I cannot believe this trip was almost a month ago.  Two things about my holga: One- I LOVE the look and feel of these images. To me they remind me of the pictures my parents took on their trips […]

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