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California: day nine

Day nine: Huntington Beach. In the morning we went to my cousin’s son soccer game. Watching Jack played brought back so many memories for me when I played soccer at his age. However, his team stayed in positions and their passing was impressive. On the other hand, our soccer games got called magnetic ball. Obviously everyone wanted the ball and staying in positions was optional.

After his game we went to the beach In OCTOBER!! Yes, it was October 1st and we were at the beach. The pictures look like it is the perfect beach day; however it still is October and it was chilly!! I was reminded that the Pacific water is heated by the Arctic so it is always freezing! I guess this might be the only thing that the east has on the west. Since we lasted about an hour max at the beach we headed back to their home and opted to go swimming in their pool and hot tub! The water temperature was much better! For dinner we head south to visit my Aunt (my mom’s sister) who I had not seen since my our wedding and who never knew met Myla. We had a wonderful visit and I loved hearing stories about her and my mom growing up together.

So here are a few photographers that I like to follow and most of them seem to live here in CA. Other then Katelyn James!

This could be a whole other blog post but here are a few. . .

Jasmine Star, Jose Villa, Wildflowers Photography, Tara Whitney, The Youngrens, Jill Thomas, and Mom*Tog.

maybe next time (I like to dream) I will plan to have a family photo session with one of these photographers!

Only for this picture I took the towel that I had wrapped around me off. It was October but in my mind I thought is should feel like August!


Shahido Kempter

wooooo hoooo California!!! Beaching is fall .. how fun is that… I am soooooo grateful you guys hoped in the car and buzzed dwon to visit and finally i got to meet Myla!!! I never imagined that day would be right here!! Thank you thank you thank you! I love you all LOTS!!!! big hugs.. shahido

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