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CA Holga pictures

Below are some of the Holga pictures that I took on our California vacation this past September. I cannot believe this trip was almost a month ago.  Two things about my holga: One- I LOVE the look and feel of these images. To me they remind me of the pictures my parents took on their trips out west together-classic. But two, I do not love it’s unpredictability. Several images at the end of the roll did not even appear on the negative, which can be a little frustrating (although a little unpredictability is probably good for me!). After each photo shoot or session I like to look through the images to process and reflect on what went well and where I can improve.  I even do this when shooting on our vacation. As a photographer, I want to continually push myself to grow, to be more creative, and to take more risks.  While the Holga sometimes makes this difficult, the images that turn out are always some of my favorites.  So, after reflecting on all my photography from our vacation and getting these images developed, I’ve decided to try a few more with the Holga next time.  (they seem more grainier once I scanned in the prints) Enjoy!

Lombard Street-San Francisco. We walked to the top of the street from North Beach, but did not make the drive down!

Golden Gate Bridge.When we crossed the bridge the first time it was completely fogged in and I was disappointed. So we tried the next morning and the bridge was out as the fog was rolling in.

She prefers to be bare feet, like her mama.

we were taking some pictures when someone showed up in perfect time to take our family picture.

Above and below are pictures of Yosemite from Tunnel view. we stayed in Yosemite for three nights and this view never got old.

Myla and her daddy looking at Half Dome from the top of Sentinel Dome. Myla hiked the mile in to the base of Sentinel Dome.

From the top of Sentinel Dome there is a 360 view of Yosemite park.  It was my favorite hike of the trip.

Below is Lyndon with El Capitan in the background.


Laura Neumann

I agree…you should take more with the Holga! Love these Jamie they look amazing.

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