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We returned minutes before the clock struck mid-night last night from our trip to NC to visit good friends! The traffic and rain added hours to the trip but it was worth the time to have spent with our friends! I came back refreshed and wanting to grow and be diligent to apply myself in the life God has given me. One of the areas that I would like to grow in and become more diligent is book reading! I know there are so many great books out there to read and if I gave myself 10-15 minutes a day, some books could get crossed off my book list! I want to read for fun and for learning. I confess, reading was never categorized as fun to me growing up! Just now, I am learning to find books that I enjoy. And not all of them are children’s books!

Months ago, when sitting on the floor in the photography aisle in Barnes and Nobel I flipped through Jose Villa new photography book. I skimmed some pages, and put it on the shelf as I knew I did not have time to read it!  I then received this book at Christmas and was so excited to read it during the house bound cold winter months! Well, I would like to blame it on the lack of winter as the reason why it has been sitting on my shelf above my desk. It is time to start giving 10 minutes a day to reading it! What books are on your list to read? What do you find fun to read? What are you reading? I would love to hear!


Sally Krueger

I still have David McCullough’s “John Adams” sitting on my shelf (half read), Jane Austen’s “Emma” (half read) and Ann Voscamp’s “1000 Gifts” (1 chapter read). I can’t seem to read unless I’m on vacation and that only happens once a year! I do want to discipline myself to make time!! I’ve got American revolutionaries and an English matchmaker waiting patiently for me to pick them back up! :)

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