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Baby Simon

There are some friendships in life that you get to walk through many seasons together. Josh and Molly are one of them. I first met Molly at college, then we rented a  house together in the city before each of us got married, and I had the privilege to be in her and Josh’s wedding. These two are faithful friends. I would have never imagined eleven years ago that I would have the honor to photograph their first baby. Meet Simon.He is the cutest! Really, I can not lie!

I know that I do not usually photograph babies or families; however I was happy (more then happy) that Molly asked me to take one family picture of the three of them. We headed outside for their one family picture. Simon was all snuggled up, asleep in a blanket made by Molly and a hat to keep him warm. Of course Sophie their Newfoundland joined us too. She expressed her love to Simon in kisses! And then when we headed inside.  Finished right? If, you know that I can not take just one photo! And I am thankful that they said I could take some more of Simon as his bright eyes, smile and their love for him was captured!

 Josh and Molly adore Simon and it is so evident in they way they care and love him. They are such natural parents who were so relaxed as I kept taking photos of their everyday moments. These are the moments that I know that I cherish looking back. These moments included the framed art that was drawn special for his room, diaper changes, special blankets and of course little toes, baby yawn, mommy’s hugs and daddy’s kisses. Thank you again Josh and Molly for allowing me to capture your son! I loved spending the morning with you three. Simon is the sweetest and I know a little girl who can not wait for him to be running around with her. ENJOY!!!


Awesome!! Made glad tears come and sat with a smile as I viewed them all – This little one is special!! His focus and smile is remarkable for one so tiny! God knew who to give him to!! :)

Great pics! Thank you, Jamie! What a beautiful baby!! A gift to Josh and Molly and to the rest of our family from our Heavenly Father! Thank you,Lord, for adding to our family!!

Aunt Sarah

He is the cutest baby. Who is he related to? Oh ya me!!

Oh my goodness!! I never seen such a smiley newborn! How old is he?? Just ADORABLE!!

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