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Baby Liam: newborn

Meet Liam Michael Neumann. I know you met him here, however we had his offical newborn shoot on Sunday. Liam was three days old and there were already hundreds of pictures taken before this shoot.  I loved shooting in Michael and Mary’s home. It was perfectly natural to shoot there and so relaxing for everyone. Michael and Mary are truly naturals at being Liam’s daddy and mommy. I love capturing the newness of them interacting with their son. You can just stare at your new baby for hours. . . taking it all in! Thinking about how life is going to change, wondering what he will be like, what color will his eyes be, and not remembering what life was without him. I am honored to capture these first days for them and for Liam. Days quickly turn into weeks, months, and then years. It truly goes by so fast. He is such a cute baby and I could not put my camera down! Liam was amazing and slept through the whole shoot (just what I asked him to do)! And it was sweet that this shoot fell on Liam’s due date. I love you three and so excited for you to enter this stage of life. Welcome Liam!!

He wanted to stretch out!!

Love seeing his reflection on the floor!something so sweet about a sleeping baby. . .A big yawn and stretch for mommy and then back to sleep!

Love the baby swirl. . .Mary, I am so proud of you!!! Liam is one lucky little man!!Above is a new all time favorite for sure!!!!On daddy’s lap. . .such little hands. . .These three are some of my favorite. . .too hard to pick!!

some pieces of Liam. . .

remember the quilt and car from great grandparents. . .click here to see them.Michael, I am so proud of you and how you love Mary and now how you love Liam!!You are now a family of three!!!

These are SO lovely… natural lighting, natural posing, not overly touched up… so underrated anymore. You capture the everyday and make it look extraordinarily beautiful :)

Shahido Kempter

I am so honored and blessed to be an Aunt (two generations!) with such beauty and grace and talent and love in the family. Thanks de and glenn for raising such amazing, loving kids! jamie, I love the pics… nice job! We need a fireside naked pic of Liam! burr! Michael and Mary congrats… you are such gracefilled loving parents… it is so obvious in the pictures. How did you get him to sleep through all this!!!! Little Liam, welcome to the world. You are Grace itself and it is a blessing that you are here with us.. lucky too you have this beautiful family! love..aunt shahido

Pat Rozow

I hope u have the heat turned up and that that leather chair is also heated! What a sweet boy, and to think that he slept through it all!
Love and hugs Great Aunt Pat

Diane Rufo

Great pics Jamie! Beautiful subjects of course! Happy Birthday Liam and welcome to the GREATEST job in the world Mommy and Daddy!!!


Jamie your photos are wonderful, better and better…yes, Liam welcome to the world and how lucky are we to see you grow..Finally in the loop of pics without Facebook…thanks.

A. Cindy

Pat Rozow

What great pictures. M&m r so lucky to have such a talented photographer in the family. I would love to cuddle Liam up and shower him with hugs and kisses!


What a beautiful boy! Love the photos!

I love the lips picture. LOVE those shots of newborn features!
Congrats Michael and Mary!

De Neumann

This is like a dream…. This is my beautiful family and I get all the pleasure of watching Michael and Mary parent so tenderly and so confidently… watching Liam be welcomed by the whole family – Laura arrives from Denver, Pa from NJ…all gathered to celebrate Liam’s arrival together. Watching through the camera lens, Jamie records these memories with such skill and beauty. God is so loving and kind!

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