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Baby Cakes

Mary’s ultrasound just so happened to be on the very same day that I left with my family for vacation. The ultrasound tech immediately told them that it was clear.  He knew the gender of their baby. He kindly wrote it down on a piece of paper and sealed it in an envelope for them. Normally, this is great news for a couple wanting to know the gender of their baby! But Mary and Michael wanted to do a special reveal and have me take photos of them finding out. So you can imagine the talking Michael had to do to convince Mary not to rip open that envelope!

M&M are awesome.  They called and told me they were going to wait to find out until we got home.  10 days.  I was thrilled. I was also impressed that they were able to leave the surprise sealed in an envelope for the entire time. Mary then took the envelope to a local bakery for them to bake their surprise as a blue or pink cake.  Completely covered in white frosting. When I arrived to their house Monday night you could feel everyone’s excitement.

As they cut through the cake both of them leaned in closer to get the first glimpse of color.  I love how cute they are together. The anticipation rose as they made the second cut and finally saw the cake. Shouts of excitement filled the air as they saw their blue cake. They are having a BABY BOY!

As a photographer, I am often overwhelmed with gratitude and amazement at being able to be present during some of the most special moments in people’s lives.  And I was even more biased this time around because Michael is my younger brother.  He and his wife Mary are going to be amazing parents and we are all so excited to meet their little baby boy!  HE is expected to arrive this January.


adalie plain

these pictures are so great, jaime. love them! (and can’t wait to see the photos you are taking tonight :)

Laura Neumann

I KNEW IT!!! Love you guys…and so excited to meet the little guy. Proud of you both for waiting to find out…and Jamie the pictures are amazing as always. Well done fam.

I love this idea! How fun that you got to photograph it all. Mary is one of the cutest preggo’s! And, you did a fab. job capturing their special moment. Congrats to your whole family. hugs.

De Neumann

I don’t like this….I LOVE IT…HIM (sweet grandson)…THEM (M&M)…YOU (talented daughter)!! WHAT A FUN FAMILY! WE ARE BLESSED INDEED.

Maureen west

Jamie, this is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen!!! Great pictures! Brought tears to my eyes! So happy for Michael and Mary… Give them my best!!

This is the COOLEST idea! I love it! How awesome that you got the honor of photographing it! Thank you for sharing!

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